Flatbed Femi Trailer – Spec Dimension Capacity Type Parts

Definition: Panda flatbed semi-trailer is a semi-trailer often used to transport containers and bulk cargo between terminals and shipping facilities. Flatbed semi trailer’s platform is generally 20ft 40ft 45ft 48ft and 53ft, among which the most used are 20ft, and 40ft container transport, their main applications include ships, ports, waterways, highways, transit stations, bridges, tunnels, multimodal transportation, etc.

The flatbed trailer is known as a flatbed truck. A flatbed truck trailer is a semi-trailer with a container structure.

The bottom of each container will have four corners corresponding to the position, with a twist-lock device to fix the container to ensure that the transport over the car will not be dangerous. The flatbed semi-trailer and skeleton car is a special semi-trailer for container transport.

4 axle flatbed trailer for sale

A flatbed semi-trailer has no railings on the vehicle-mounted part and is widely used for medium and long-distance freight transportation, including bagged cargo, bulk cargo, containers, tanks, and so on.

Its load capacity ranges from 30 tons to 80 tons, and the trailer can determine the length according to the specific use requirements of our customers. And currently, 40 feet is the most widely used.

Here’s a look at the flatbed semi-trailer through the video and images:

3.1 Different types of semi flatbed trailers

Several other flatbed semi trucks include the pull-out flatbed with front baffle, the interlink flatbed semi trailer, and his container tipper.

Sometimes, you will face two difficulties in the process of transportation when flatbed trucks are used to transport steel pipes, steel bars, woods in long strips, and other goods. 

flatbed truck trailer for sale
4 axle flatbed semi trailer
3 axle drawbar flatbed trailer
a double flatbed trailer
2 axle flatbed semi trailer for sale
2 axle flatbed semi trailer for sale
timber semi trailer
timber semi trailer for sale

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3.2 Video of flatbed semi trailer

4. When is the Panda Mech flatbed semi trailer used?

The flatbed semi trailer is a kind of transportation equipment, which is mainly composed of steel structure of frame, and it is also divided into the lighting system, braking system, and walking system in terms of approach.

The flatbed tractor-trailer is carefully designed, its height and weighing capacity can safely transport the cargo from one place to another, load the cargo onto the container flatbed trailer and transport it to the destination, and if it is necessary to change the semi-trailer or ship or other means of transport in the middle, we do not need to take the cargo out of the container.

4 axle flatbed trailer for sale

5. Operation method of panda flatbed semi trailer transporting

Before loading the container into the container flatbed trailer, we should talk about the use of all the giant head and lock seats to overlap and fix completely, and then put the container on the flatbed semi trailer correctly, and then turn to the locking handle, using the lock and lock seat to improve the container to him. When we are unloading the container, we should turn the lock to the place where the safety is overlapped and then fix it to make sure the container is unlocked before unloading the container.

6. Flatbed semi trailer specifications

We need to determine the specifications of a flatbed semi trailer according to the different goods we transport, and the following are the specifications of 20ft and 40ft flatbed semi trailer.

 Manufacturer Panda Mech 20/40 ft flatbed semi trailer
 Axles 2-4 axles BPW/SAF/FUWA Brand
 Dimensions 12500 / 13500×2500×1500 mm.
 Capacity two containers, 34 ton
 Weight 7-9 ton
 Twist lock 8-12 sets
 Material Main beams Q345B, upper flange:14mm, middle:8mm, down:16mm
 King Pin 2 inch or 3.5-inch JOST Brand
 Chassis 3mm,4mm,6mm, carbon steel or aluminum alloy
 Suspension Mechanical, air, bogie
 Tire 11.00R20, 12.00R20,12R22.5, 385/65R22.5 Triangle/Hankook/ Bridgestone brand
 Brake System WABCO Valve with big chamber

The Panda Mech 40 ft flatbed semi trailer is a high-quality and versatile trailer manufactured by Panda Mech. It features three axles from leading brands such as BPW, SAF, and FUWA, and has dimensions of 12,500 x 2,500 x 1,500 mm. With a capacity of 70 tons and a weight between 7 and 9 tons, this trailer is designed for heavy-duty hauling.

It comes with 8 to 12 sets of twist locks for securing cargo, and the main beams are made from Q345B material, with an upper flange of 14 mm, a middle section of 8 mm, and a lower section of 16 mm. The kingpin is available in either 2 inches or 3.5 inches from the JOST brand, and the chassis can be customized with 3mm, 4mm, or 6mm carbon steel or aluminum alloy.

The flatbed trailer’s suspension system offers both mechanical and air suspension options. Finally, it is equipped with tires from trusted brands like Triangle, Hankook, or Bridgestone, with sizes such as 11.00R20, 12.00R20, 12R22.5, and 385/65R22.5.

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6.1 Flatbed semi trailer drawing

flatbed trailer drawing

flatbed truck trailer drawing

6.2 20/40/45/53 Ft flatbed semi trailer dimensions

20Ft semi truck flatbed trailer dimensions: 11500x2500x1500 mm

40 Ft truck flatbed trailer dimensions: 12500x2500x1500 mm

45 Feet flat bed semi trailer size: 12700x2500x1500 mm

53 Foot flatbed trailer size: 13500x2500x1500 mm

Flatbed trailer length

20Ft flatbed trailer length: 11500 mm, 11.5 meter.

40Ft flatbed trailer length: 12500 mm, 12.5 meter.

6.3 3 Axle flatbed semi trailer application

  1. Panda Mech produces high-quality 3 Axles 40ft Flatbed Trailer for carrying 40ft containers, 20ft containers, and bulk cargo.
  2. The 40ft semi-flatbed trailer can carry loads of 40-ton machines and cargo.
  3. The three axles 40ft flatbed truck trailer is also called a tri-axle flatbed trailer.
  4. Panda flatbed trailers are noted for their highly robust structure of steel.
  5. We can provide different configurations of our flatbed semi-trailer to meet your transportation requirements.

6.4 3 Axle flatbed container trailer advantage

  1. Highly robust structure steel with tensile and high load capacity, 40-ton loading capacity.
  2. Heavy-duty type mechanical spring suspension for high loads of requirements needs.
  3. Length and width of lowbed available custom made.
  4. Air suspension and bogie suspension are options.

7. Three types of flatbed semi trailer suspension

Flatbed semi trailer standard suspension methods are three, respectively, mechanical suspension, air suspension, and bogie suspension. In the following, we will talk about the specific;

Mechanical suspension: mechanical suspension is the most common method when buying flatbed semi trailers. The most important part of the automatic suspension is the leaf spring, which is the primary stress point, followed by mechanical suspension also includes suspension brackets (generally known as lugs), connecting rods, u-bolts, and other parts of the composition, so that after loading the goods, the longitudinal force through the suspension, as well as the axle respectively, which can make flatbed semi trailer longer life, maintenance, is also more convenient.

flatbed trailer suspension
flatbed semi trailer suspension

Air suspension: air suspension can be seen at a glance his airbag air spring because the air spring itself is lighter in weight, airbag internal air medium friction force is relatively small, so that the air suspension is generally in operation noise is very small, and his service life is rather long, is 2-3 times the mechanical suspension, air suspension is more used in countries with bad roads, as well as in the transport of precision instruments and hazardous chemicals field and some other high-end fields.

flatbed semi trailer suspension & tire
flatbed semi trailer suspension

Bogie suspension: Bogie suspension is the ordinary steel plate spring front and rear bracket reduced to a single stand connected to the body. The bogie suspension has a larger load capacity than the standard steel plate spring suspension.

8. Panda flatbed semi trailer shipping and packing

As a professional flatbed semi trailer manufacturer, Panda provides flatbed semi trailer for sale in many countries. After the production of our flatbed semi trailer is finished, it needs to go through strict tests to ensure that the quality of each flatbed semi trailer meets the standard.

We have professional technicians to carry out production as well as inspection. In the transportation process, to prevent the flatbed semi trailer from being corroded by seawater during transportation, we usually spray a layer of wax on the flatbed semi trailer first, and then wrap a layer of rain cloth to prevent moisture to ensure that you receive the flatbed semi trailer in good condition.

flatbed semi trailer transport
flatbed semi truck for sale transport

9. Customer feedback from Senegal

We received an inquiry from Senegal. After a communication period, the customer chose to come to the factory for a visit. After the visit, we communicated with the customer, bought ten three axles 40ft flatbed semi trailers, and paid some deposit.

flatbed semi trailer transport
steel flatbed trailer transport / standard length of the flatbed trailer
flatbed semi trailer transport
flatbed container trailer for sale transport

10. Flatbed semi trailer main beam characteristics

The essential component of a flatbed semi trailer is the main beam. The main beam is good or bad, seriously affects the service life of a flatbed semi trailer. Generally, the main shaft is determined by steel. In the following, we will look at the different points’ ordinary manganese steel and high-strength steel mechanical properties.

Manganese steel: manganese steel compared to high-strength steel, its toughness is better if we load and transport heavy cargo, generally after the completion of unloading, basically can be restored to its original state, of course, if it is more than the limit of manganese steel, he will also appear deformation, but from the feedback of customers for flatbed semi trailer, so far, never found a direct collapse of manganese steel beam situation.

3 axle flatbed semi trailer

The yield strength of manganese steel: the yield strength of manganese steel is the yield limit of the metal material when it yields, which is the win of resisting slight plastic deformation, if it is greater than the force of the limit, it will lead to the permanent failure of the part and cannot be recovered. As an example, the low carbon steel yield limit is 207MPa. If the external force exceeds this limit, it will permanently deform the part. If it is less than this limit when this external force is taken away, the function can be restored to its original state.

Elongation: Elongation refers to the lengthening of the seal material hardened body under tension as a percentage of the original length is how much. The elastic recovery rate refers to the portion of the seal material hardened body deformation that can be fully recovered in Chengdu. Generally speaking, when the elongation is more excellent, the elastic recovery is more remarkable and the better the adaptability of the seal material to deformation.

High strength steel: High strength steel can be seen from the name, its most important feature is high strength. His strength is twice as strong as manganese steel and three times as strong as ordinary steel.

The frame generated by high strength steel generally uses less material. Its upper wing, lower wing, and vertical plate can be made thinner and lighter, and the advantages of using high strength steel are more evident in the case of weight charge and standard loading.

20ft 40ft truck trailer flatbed can generally be directly used high-strength steel. It is more suitable for transporting road is better. High-speed standard light dumping cargo, generally for mountainous areas, overload, and bad roads, is not recommended to use high-strength steel.

11. Main components

Main pin:

The general diameter of the central pin is 90mm. The material is mostly chrome alloy, tractor, and commercial flatbed trailer connected by the central buckle. He is linked to the main vehicle traction seat while bearing all his traction, flatbed semi trailer.

At present, there are four kinds of traction pins in the market now, which are assembly 50, assembly 90, welding 50, welding 90. According to your use scenario and different transportation goods, we recommend the most suitable one for you.


The outrigger is the support device of the flatbed maxi trailer. His principle is “standing timber jacking” his position is located in the more forward part of the flatbed semi trailer, mainly used when the flatbed semi trailer and tractor are separated.

flatbed semi trailer leg

The legs can be divided into the single-action crankshaft and linkage crankshaft, single-action crankshaft means that we can only raise or lower one leg at a time; linkage crankshaft is that we can operate two legs at the same time, the legs are mainly composed of the following parts: second gear gearbox, support sleeve, support rod, drive screw, support plate, although his structure is relatively simple, his role is very important.

Brake system:

Brake is a round metal container, and his position is on each wheel. His principle is to stop the vehicle by compressing the air and converting it into mechanical force, which is applied to will brake.

12. Tractor and semi flatbed trailer links

1. Longest flatbed trailer’s cochineal height, traction pin size, front turning radius, headroom radius all of these must match each other with the tractor, this place, we need to buy flatbed semi trailer when we first tell the sales staff to ensure that we believe, there is no problem, and we also have to connect before Checking.

2. We need to check the saddle of the tractor, and the traction pin of the semi-trailer when we connect the tractor and shipping container flatbed trailer, whether there is sand or other objects inside. If there is, they all need to be cleaned out, and there must be enough grease to put in use.

3. gas connection: we will tractor on the two gas tank joints and flatbed semi trailers two gas pipe joints to him docking, at this time the tractor gas supply pipeline and lorry flatbed trailer pipeline connected, gas link good, we need to unscrew the tractor, custom flatbed semi trailers. After the airline is linked, we need to unscrew the tractor’s airline switch to disconnect him so that the tractor’s airline can be ventilated with the flatbed container truck’s airline. Otherwise, it will lead to the flatbed semi trailer’s brake system can not supply air, the brake system is unable to work.

4. Circuit connection: after connecting the air line, we need to click the circuit, insert the cable connection plug of the tractor into the cable connection socket of the front of the flatbed shipping container, then check whether the electrode is suitable, confirm that it works properly, etc. If necessary, replace the electrode wiring.

5. Then, we need to start the engine and observe the Kia change in the cab generally, we see the pressure is 650-750Kpa on it.

superlink flatbed semi trailer
superlink flatbed semi trailer

13. Workshop display

We can automatically track the edge of the floor by using an automatic floor welding machine. Move the torch to the first corner of the base plate, then press the start button, the device will automatically track the welding seam. (buy flatbed semi trailer)

14. Successful cases

Guinea bought ten sets of our tri-axle trailers. A few years ago, our customer in Guinea bought our flatbed container semi trailer. After using them for some time, he found that the quality was very reliable. Our after-sales service was perfect that the customer finally decided to become our agent.

The flatbed semi trailer is packed and ready to be shipped.

semi trailer platform transport
semi truck with flatbed transport

15. What do you need to pay attention to when buying a standard flat bed truck?

  1. The thickness of the main beam is in line with international standards, generally, the thickness of the main beam is 8/14/16mm, the thickness of the steel in the middle of the beam is generally used Q345 manganese steel is 8mm, many unreliable suppliers will use 6mm main beam to save costs, but his load-bearing capacity is reduced by nearly 30%, which is very dangerous.
  2. 2. The international standard of the base plate is 3mm thick, some suppliers will use 2mm or 2.5mm base plate, which allows the supplier to save about $700, but at the same time his loading capacity will also be reduced, generally to three axles, flatbed semi trailer weight limit is 60ton.
  3. 3. The axle is generally available in 13 ton and 16 ton, our salesman will recommend the right one for you.
  4. 4. Tires are generally more used 12R22.5, relatively good heat dissipation, generally on the tell road, Panda’s tires can reach 300,000 km under everyday use.
  5. 5. the choice of suspension is crucial, air suspension or mechanical suspension, and the local roads have a very close relationship.

16. What is the production process of Panda’s flatbed semi trailer

  • (1) First, we will make a drawing of standard width of a flatbed trailer according to your requirements, then after confirming the drawing is correct, we will give it to the workshop for production.
  • (2) According to the requirements of each part of the drawing, we will use the CNC cutting machine to cut each component, such as the main beam needs to use steel plate, reinforcement, etc.
  • (3) welding flatbed semi trailer working platform, side beam, main beam, main welding pin, welding suspension, welding base plate.
  • (4) Flatbed trailer manufacturer to remove rust, frost, spray primer, paint, spray wax; install axles; install tires.
  • (5). Print the VIN code and wait for boxing.

17. Characteristics

  • (1) Sophisticated technology: the main parts of the trailer are processed by advanced equipment, the longeron is welded by the automatic tracking submerged arc welding machine imported from the United States; the trailer parts are shot blasted, which dramatically enhances the adhesion of paint, and the assembly parts are assembled after the painting process.
  • (2) Frame: The frame adopts a 16Mn steel plate and high-strength steel plate with welded longeron and integral crossbeam welded into a spatial frame structure. With a sound system, the trailer has a more substantial carrying capacity.
  • (3) Axle: The axle adopts imported or domestic high-quality brand axle and optional ABS anti-lock braking system from famous brands at home and abroad to improve driving safety.
  • fuwa-axles
  • (4) Suspension system: Adopting a unique new type suspension system with high strength and strong impact resistance; the patented tie rod fixing structure ensures that it will not loosen during the frequent bumps in operation, effectively reducing tire wear extending its service life.
  • (5) Toolbox: waterproof, large volume detachable.
  • tool-box
  • (6) Frame: The longeron is made of hot-rolled section steel or welded manganese steel and is fused with the crossbeam and section steel members to form a frame structure. It will never deform with reasonable structure, balanced overall strength and stiffness, high carrying capacity, and good elasticity.
  • (7) Carriage board: Welded by an anisotropic steel frame, tile-ribbed compartment board, and steel plate molded column with an excellent manufacturing process and reasonable structure.
  • (8) Braking system: Adopting safe and reliable double-loop air-break brake and installing a quick-release valve in the system, the sub-pump can be used to return quickly when you are braking.

18. The caution of Panda Flatbed Semi-trailer

  • (1) The traction height, traction pin size, and front turning radius of our semi-trailer must match the tractor (not all tractors and semi-trailers can be connected for use).
  • We should operate the outrigger lifting mechanism to adjust to the height of the trailer that can smoothly connect with the saddle of the tractor to fit. Generally, the size of the traction plate is smaller, 1 ~ 3 cm, than the saddle.
  • The operation handbrake device will contribute to semi-trailer braking to prevent the tractor from bending backward when the tractors are connecting.
  • It would be best to choose a solid and flat road during the traction process of semi-trailers. When you park the tractor, the centerline of the tractor and semi-trailer should be consistent. In general, if the centerline offset is less than 4 cm, the driving hours will be limited to 7 hours.
  • (2) The tractor brake pipe must be connected to the semi-trailer brake pipe when the process of air connection. The tractor’s inflation tube must be connected to the semi-trailers semi-trailer’s. Please attach it perfectly. You can mark the brake pipe joints and inflatable pipe joints yellow and red.
  • The trailer air brake system adopts traction inflation. When the air pressure in the tank is 686KPa, the driver can try driving the semi-trailer. If the air chamber is in motion condition and you can hear the “humming” sound, that means the semi-trailer tank has been filled with fuel.
  • However, if the air circuit is not working or the air pressure is not enough, dangerous things would happen, such as the tractor may not be able to pull the semi-trailer, or you are not braking when you are driving. You should pay special attention to it.
  • Please check whether the lighting signal is complete and adequate or not and turn on the circuit, connect the electric connector of the tractor to the seven-prong socket of the semi-trailer.
  • (3)Check that the trailer fuel tank pressure is not less than 600KPa before starting the trailer.
  • (4)Retract the outrigger, press the handle, and hang it on the handle frame.
  • (5)Check whether the tire pressure is within the specified value.
  • (6)Check whether the spare tire is correctly placed on the tire carrier and tightened with bolts.
  • (7)Loosen the hand brake or air brake hand control valve.
  • (8)You can drive after completing the above operations. You should strictly observe the following two rules when going downhill: firstly, prevent the brake drum from overheating when you are going downhill or on steep slopes; secondly, please do not use the semi-trailer brakes for a long time or alone.
  • (9) When the traction units are separated.
  • Choose a flat and solid ground to park the trailer. Please do not park the trailer on a slope or a steep slope.
  • You should operate the outrigger handle to lift and raise the platform so that the support plate can touch the ground.
  • Close the tractor’s two brake air hose screw plugs and remove the air hose and seven core plugs.
  • Check whether the trailer is braking or not and turn the brake until it works.
  • The semi-trailer should be supported on the ground and in the braking state when the tractor and semi-trailer are separated.

19. Inspection and maintenance of Panda flatbed semi-trailers

  1. Routine maintenance and regular inspection are to use the semi-trailer better and maximize the life of the semi-trailer.
  2. Inspection and maintenance essentials.
  3. The inspection is usually carried out under no-load conditions except as specified.
  4. Both axles are lifted simultaneously when lifting wheels, and a flatbed semi-trailer should position the jack close to the leaf spring.
  5. The flatbed semi-trailer parts in contact with the jack should be covered with rear steel plates or wooden boards to prevent local stress or even slippage.
4 axle flatbed trailer for sale

19.1 Brake system inspection

(1) Check the entire pipeline.

A. Connect the pass air brake system and the traction brake system.

B. Increase the air pressure to the specified pressure by installing a pressure gauge from the tractor cab or the emergency brake system and checking the air pressure.

C. Fully depress the brake pedal. The drop in air pressure does not exceed 19.6KPa within 3 minutes after the air pressure has stabilized (engine not running). If the cause of the air leak is exceeded, check. Driving should not be started when the cylinder pressure is below 540KPa.

extendable flatbed trailer

D. If the pressure drop exceeds the specified value, apply soapy water to the pipe connection and check for leaks. If leaking, tighten the parts or replace them.

E. switch off the tractor emergency system, replace the swivel plug, disconnect the trailer emergency brake inflation hose and check for automatic braking.

F. Then connect the emergency brake hose and open the changeover plug to check that the brake will release automatically.

(2) Checking the emergency relay valve

A. In the various checks of the braking system, check that there is no air leakage in all parts of the emergency relay perimeter and that the air pressure drop value does not exceed 19.6KPa within 3 seconds.

B. Check whether there is exhaust gas discharged from the exhaust port when the brake is released if it is considered normal.

C. If it does not work, replace the entire emergency brake valve.

4axle flatbed semi trailer

(3) Check the brake chamber

A. Check whether the inner push rod of the brake air chamber is flexible in its activities when the brake is working and whether it has the required stroke. If the specified travel is exceeded, make adjustments.

B. In the braking state, check that there is no air leakage from the air chamber. If there is leakage, a flatbed semi-trailer should tighten the joint.

(5) Inspection of pipes and fittings

Check all pipes and fittings for cracks and damage, if any, repair or replace in time.

flatbed semi trailer transport

(6) Adjustment of brake adjusting arm and brake

A. Operate the brake air chamber, check the working condition of the brake adjusting arm, and prevent the air chamber’s stroke. If the travel is too extensive, the brake drum and the brake tile clearance are too large.

B. When adjusting the brakes, be sure to push in some first, then turn the square head adjusting screw so that the brake shoes safely touch the brake drum, then reverse the feeling or hear two “da da” sounds for OK, under the no-load road test, adjust the left, right, front and rear axle brake synchronization.

20. Drive unit inspection (axle and tires)

Check axles and tires for cracks, damage, and bends, repair and replace if necessary.

(1) Tighten and adjust axle nuts

A.Jack up the trailer


To adjust, slowly screw in the inner nut until there is more excellent resistance to the wheel, then loosen the inner nut until the wheel can turn freely without wobbling. Bend the locking washer appropriately to lock the outer nut or wear the pin.

(2) Inspection and maintenance of tires

  • A. Whether the tire pressure has a significant impact on the life and safety of the tires, so maintain the required tire pressure, including the spare wheel
  • B. Different tires require different air pressures and are selected according to road and braking conditions.
  • C. Check the tightness of the wheel nuts daily and tighten if necessary. Checking wheel nuts for tightness

After initial loading and driving or after each wheel change, use a torque spanner to tighten the wheel nuts crosswise in diagonal order to the required.

flatbed semi trailer
flatbed semi trailer

21. Traction pin and traction plate

(1) Check the draw pins daily for defects, premature wear, cracks, etc.

(2) Measure the diameter of the traction pin and replace if it is less than the limit size 49mm (50) or 86mm (90), or if it is cracked or abnormally damaged.

(3) Check the traction pin plate for damage, deformation, foreign objects, and repair if necessary.

22. Electrical system

(1) Check for loose wiring and terminals, sagging wires, and repair if necessary.

(2) Check each lamp. If the bulb is broken or the filament is broken, replace it.

Note: Lamp voltage is 24V.


How wide is a flatbed semi trailer?

2500mm, 2.5 meter.

How long is a flatbed semi trailer?

20Ft: 11500 mm, 11.5 meter.

40Ft: 12500 mm, 12.5 meter.

How tall is a flatbed semi trailer?

1500mm, 1.5 meter.

How heavy is a flatbed semi trailer?

7-9 Tons.

Flatbed trailer weight limit

60-80 Ton.

What is the most common size flatbed?

The common size flatbed is 40ft flatbed semi trailer, 12500*2500*1500mm.