Dry Bulk Trailer For All Budgets

Are you looking for the dry bulk trailer to transport cement, lime, sand, and kinds of diameter ≤ 0.1mm bulk powder materials? If so, you definitely need dry bulk trailers, which will help you increase your transport efficiency, and unloading efficiency, save time, and increase your profits.

We can customize your dry bulk trailer to suit your needs, with regular models including 30 ton dry bulk tankers for sale, 40 ton cement bulk trailers for sale, 50 ton pneumatic dry bulk trailers for sale, 4 axle dry bulk semi trailers for sale, 85 ton dry bulk cargo semi trailers for sale, cement silo trailers for sale, powder tankers for sale, and aluminum cement powder trailer for sale.

30-80 Ton Dry Bulk Trailer For Sale

2 50 ton cement bulk trailer

50 Ton Dry Bulk Trailer For Sale

35cbm cement trailer 3

40 Ton Dry Bulk Semi Trailer

50cbm cement bulker 1

60 Ton Dry Bulk Cargo Trailer

4axle cement bulk trailer

4 Axle Dry Bulk Tanker

w cement tanker 1

W Type Cement Trailer

selfloading cement trailer 1

Self Loading Bulker Trailer

55cbm w bulker 4

W Type Dry Bulk Tanker

pto cement tanker 2

PTO Dry Bulk Trailer

Dry Bulk Trailer Video

Transport of dry bulk trailer

Testimonials & Customers Review

Sheba Seakgwe
Sheba Seakgwe
From Benin
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I have received the dry bulk trailers today, I work in a cement factory. I mainly use the cement trailer to transport cement. For me, a large loading capacity is a very important thing, which can save a lot of costs. I hope this purchase This batch of dry bulk tank trailers can bring me good luck.
from Ghana
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These are the cement bulker trailers I bought 30 days ago. This is the 3rd time I have received the cement bulkers, and as satisfied as before. We are deeply moved by your patient guidance on how to use and how to maintain it. You are not only my good partner but also my friend.
Carlos Alcayaga
Carlos Alcayaga
from Guyana
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Yes, my friend. I have got my favorite pneumatic dry bulk trailer again. I have been using your cement tanker for more than 2 years. After dealing with your company and pneumatic cement trailer, I know exactly whom I am dealing with.
from Indonesia
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Yes, you are right, these pneumatic tanker trailers are very powerful, I am now using them to transport fly ash. I have used it for a while without any problems. This purchase is more suitable than the last purchase, although the price It's more expensive, quality is the most important thing. Great.
from Kenya
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I think you are very professional when I choose the dry bulk tank trailers. Thank you for helping me choose these processing cement trailers that suit me best. Now that I have received the cement tank trailers, I hope I can work with the cement bulk trailers delightedly.

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How to choose dry bulk trailers?

(1) Transported material: usually, we use a cement tanker trailer to transport most cement, but we may also transport PVC granules, fly ash, lime, sand, etc. First, we must determine whether the powder tanker can do our job. You can tell us what goods you need to transport. We will provide you with professional advice.

(2) Laws and regulations: Before we buy, we need to pay attention to the laws and regulations of our country because in some countries, there is a weight limit requirement. If we say weight limit, we recommend you to consider an aluminum dry bulk tanker trailer or use some small tonnage semi-trailer like 25 tons cement powder trailer.

(3) Roads: How are the roads in our country, are they very flat or are they potholes, what are the roads where cement trailers often work? We need to consider these things because if our roads are in poor condition, we need to reinforce some parts to ensure our dry bulk cement trailer can last longer and have better quality.

(4) Long-term use: when customers buy, some are for their own company long-term use, some are just a relatively short-term project, we will recommend cost-effective cement trailer for you according to your needs or, if you are a long time use, we will recommend a better configuration of cement tanker trailer for you to ensure longer life of pneumatic cement trailer.

(5) Unloading: Some companies have the equipment to replace the air compressor when unloading cement trailers. At this time, we recommend that you buy a PTO cement bulker to save costs.


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