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skeletal semi trailer 40ft

Container Chassis To Philippines

This company we mention today is the Philippines in top of trucking service. Part of the customer’s business involves cold chain, ISO tanker transportation, and

20' skeleton container carrier trailer

What is a skeletal trailer

Skeletal trailer, also called skeleton trailer, skeletal semi trailer, is used for transport ISO tank, ISO container and refrigerated container. Both flatbed trailers and skeletal trailers can transport

How much is a container chassis?

The container chassis size: 20ft 40ft 45ft.   How much is a container chassis? 20 Ft container chassis price: $6900-$8000. 40 Foot container chassis price:

container chassis panda mech

2022 Best 10 Container Chassis Manufacturers

When you search the container chassis on google, many brands and manufacturers are waiting for your order. However, not every manufacturer can provide a good-quality semi

Testimonials & Customers Review

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Mario Falero from Uruguay

post on 2022.2.25

I received the 40ft skeletal trailer today and everything looks intact. I mainly work in the transportation of container. It’s commendable that PANDA can customize my own skeletal trailers for me according to my needs. I hope the container chassis can bring me good luck.


Prince from Benin

post on 2022.2.5

I’m very satisfied, the manufacturer is cooperative and responsive to the skeletal trailer problems very fast.


Fawaz Ashraf from Bahrain

post on 2022.1.30

Great customer service, helping sort out any issues. The frame of the 20 ft container chassis is very sturdy and very durable at first glance.


Fofana from Burkina Faso

post on 2022.1.20

We mainly transport containers. I bought 10 units of container chassis trailers from PANDA. Of course I am very satisfied after receiving it. Recently we are expanding our business and plan to purchase PANDA container chassis trailer.

Beginner's Guide

Table of Contents

1. What is the container chassis trailer?

The container chassis is known as a skeletal trailer. The skeletal trailer has many configurations of different sizes: 20ft container chassis, 40 ft container chassis, 45 ft container skeletal trailer, and ISO intermodal container.

As a container chassis semi-trailer manufacturer, We supply container chassis trailer options for carrying 20/40/45 ft and other containers. We use the largest of 12 pcs of EU standard container locks.


1.1 Container chassis application

container chassis are used exclusively to ship containers and dangerous goods tanks. The skeleton container truck semi-trailer is widely used in modern logistics transport. It can be reused for a long time and has high strength.

3axle skeletal trailer for sale

40 ft intermodal container chassis


1.2. How does the chassis container trailer work?

The container or other cargo is loaded onto the chassis container trailer using a frontal crane, then the container is secured to the chassis with ISO standard locks for safety and stability, and then it is ready for safe transportation.


1.3. Why do we need container chassis?

Cargo container chassis can effectively improve the speed and efficiency of container transportation. At the same time, different chassis designs can accommodate different types of containers, but also according to the local height and weight restrictions and other laws to design.

1). Safe transportation

The container is securely fixed on the chassis by the locking device, preventing the container from moving during transportation and making transportation safer.

2). Lightweight, easy to transport

Container and chassis are generally made of light material, but at the same time, the material is durable enough and can quickly load the container weight.

3). Meet different needs

There are many kinds of chassis with containers, and depending on the markets, there are many different designs, such as gooseneck container chassis, bomb cart, and more.

4). High transport efficiency

Generally speaking, the 40ft truck chassis container can transport a 40ft container or 2*20ft container cargo. Whether from loading or unloading and transportation, fast and timely delivery can quickly transport the goods to the designated location.

5). Better maintenance of relationship with customers

Customers can receive goods on time or even in advance. Customers are delighted, and the customer user experience is good, conducive to long-term stable cooperation.

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2. Container truck trailer video & images

3 axle skeletal semi trailer for sale

Three axle chassis trailer container for sale

20ft 2axle skeletal trailer

Two axle 20ft container chassis manufacturers

container chassis video

40ft container chassis suppliers video

20ft container truck trailer video

20ft container chassis trailer for sale video

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3. Container trailer specification

Dimension: 7500 / 12500 / 13950 *2500*1550mm (20ft 40feet 45foot)

Height of skeletal trailer: 1550mm

Width: 2500mm

Weight: 5600Kg

Main Beam: “I” Section 500mm height Q345/T700 material

Twist Lock: 4/8 set ISO Standard

Suspension: mechanical / air / bogie suspension

Axle: 2 axles BPW/FUWA/PDME etc

Rim: 8/12 pieces 9.0-22.5 Steel/Aluminum

Tire: 8/12 pieces 12R22.5 Bridgestone/Triangle/Linglong, etc

Brake Valve: WABCO

Brake Chamber: 4/6sets T30/30

Air Tank: 28L

Brake Pipe: Nylon Wire Pipe

Landing Gear: 28T Lifting JOST/YAHUA

Kingpin: 2″(50mm)/3.5″(90mm) JOST Bolting Type

Lights: 12v/24v LED Waterproof

Color: Customized

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4. Container chassis drawing

skeleton container trailer drawing
20 ft cargo container chassis drawing

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5. What are the commonly used semi-trailers for transporting containers?

Commonly used semi-trailers for transporting containers include bomb carts, gooseneck skeletal trailers, flatbed semi-trailer, skeletal trailers, and container tipper trailers.


5.1. What are the common types of container chassis


  • 20ft container chassis trailer
  • 40ft skeletal trailer
  • 45 ft container semi trailer
  • two axle chassis trailer
  • single axle container trailer
  • extend container chassis trailer
  • Gooseneck Chassis truck trailer
  • b double
  • comb chassis trailer
  • fix
  • light weight

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6. What are the differences between them?

Bomb cart: bomb cart trailer body has a lot of raised parts. The role of these parts is for the container mounted on the location marker. There is a hand crank arm anti-slip block so that you can not hurt the bottom of the container at the same time, but also can effectively fix the container and will not lead to unexpected shaking problems.

bomb cart trailer

bomb cart trailer for sale

Gooseneck container chassis trailer: Gooseneck container chassis trailer is mainly used in some countries with limited height. The gooseneck design can make the height of the semi-trailer drop by 15 centimeters.

gooseneck skeletal trailer 20ft gooseneck skeletal trailers for sale

Skeletal trailer: Container chassis trailer his central role is also used to transport containers, and bomb cart is different, skeletal trailer fixed container, the primary use of the locking device.

3 axle skeletal trailer

Three axles 40ft skeletal container chassis trailers for sale

Flatbed trailer: flatbed semi trailer is mainly used to transport containers and bulk cargo. There is an additional frame and a patterned floor. The overall view has a reasonable structure, high strength, and a beautiful appearance.

flatbed smei trailer

40ft flatbed container chassis semi trailers for sale

The upper is a flatbed. A flatbed container trailer’s advantage lies in the resistance to twisting and earthquakes. The anti-bumping ability is relatively strong and can meet the needs of different roads.

Container tipper trailer: The main difference between container tipper trailers is that they can lift one end of the container without unloading the container from the semi-trailer to be more convenient in unloading the cargo.

20 ft container skeleton tipper trailer

20 ft container chassis tipper trailers for sale

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7. Container chassis trailer ready for shipment

Before we transport the container chassis trailer, we will spray a wax layer and then cover it with a rain tarp to ensure that the skeletal truck trailer will not be corroded by seawater.

Container truck trailer transport methods generally include ro-ro ship, bulk carrier, or container transport. Container transport is more suitable for container truck trailer, low cost, fast transportation, because of frequent fluctuations in sea freight, we suggest consulting our business manager.

container chassis trailer transport

container chassis trailer transport

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8. Container chassis design

The longitudinal beam of the PANDA skeleton truck trailers adopts the whole plate blanking and integrated forming, with a low utilization rate of steel plate, more waste, and high cost. Still, no welding is in the middle, making the girder have high strength, lightweight, more substantial load capacity, and longer service life.

40ft container chassis trailer deisign Container chassis trailer design drawing

Compared to other brands, the local heating of the cut and welded beams during the welding process reduces the strength of the steel, annealing, deformation, and the stability of the welded joint is much lower than the strength of the steel itself.

The girder reinforcement device is designed to release the stress concentration at the suspension welding, eliminate the girder fracture and improve the centralized loading capacity.

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9. Container chassis characteristic

Primary structure: the leading steel adopts high-strength structural steel, with light skeleton chassis trailer weight and large load capacity. The main beam adopts an equal section design to achieve the best load-bearing effect.
Braking system: a complete set of the braking system of internationally famous brands is adopted.

Electrical system: The original factory adopted and matched famous domestic brands.

Surface coating: High-quality domestic paint is adopted, and the surface treatment process is excellent.



container semi trailer leg


container chassis trailer air suspension tite

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10. Maintenance and benefits of maintenance

  1. Reasonable maintenance, polishing, Painting, and waxing of the skeleton trailer are the maintenance work that trailer owners like to do for the skeleton semi-trailer.
  2. The oxidized paint of the skeleton container trailer is removed by grinding and polishing to make the skeleton truck trailer glow again and restore the color to the state of the new skeleton chassis for the time being.
  3. Or re-spray paint to restore the gloss of the trailer paint or form a wax film on the trailer paint surface to prevent the oxidation of external harmful substances to the trailer paint.
  4. Sealing glaze can strengthen the strength of trailer paint, prevent fine scratches caused by wind and sand on the trailer body, and resist high temperature and ultraviolet rays.
  5. Waxing and glazing can make the skeleton semi-trailer look beautiful in a short time, but its action time is short.
  6. Moreover, the main components of wax and glaze are grease, and the fat is easy to be oxidized in the air. The oxidized wax and glaze lose the maintenance effect on the trailers and have oxidation resonance with the trailer paint to speed up the oxidation of the trailer paint. Therefore, the maintenance trailer’s color is still needed to maintain this kind of container chassis trailer.
  7. Vehicle rust shall eliminate the skeleton trailer rust before applying and maintaining the skeletal chassis trailer paint. If the chassis trailer body has impact marks, the trailer body shall repair the scratches first.
  8. The vehicle surface can paint after the 20/40/45ft container chassis trailer surface treatment. When Painting, the positions that do not need Painting, such as tires, lights, rubber pads, etc., can be carried out only after the masking is completed.

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