How to build a flatbed trailer

The main production process of flatbed trailer

Before the production of flatbed trailers, the technical department should design and produce the drawings according to the requirements of users and the market, so as to match the technical parameters of the main trailer with each other, and then transfer to the manufacturing department.

flatbed semi trailer
  • 1. During the blanking and cutting board stage, according to the drawings of all parts produced by the design department, the CNC cutting machine is used to cut all parts, such as girder web, reinforcing plate, standard small parts and so on.
  • 2. For girder, submerged arc welding girder and supplementary girder, the second step is to fix the welding spot between the cut web and upper and lower limb plate, and then weld the girder through submerged arc welding.This step is very important, for fixed beam and submerged arc welding are very high requirements, if the technical process is not good, the beam will have problems.If something goes wrong with the girder, will the flatbed trailer be ok?
  • 3. Open the perforated girder through the girder, first cutting the girder web to pass through the u-shaped hole, and then fixing the welded i-beam parallel to the girder through the girder.Compared with the beam results are very important, if two beams of steel beam parallel error will appear very serious feed-bearing phenomenon.
  • 4. Edge girder, frame, and welding towing pin, the girder is basically formed at this time, only the stage of forming frame structure by welding the side girder well.And the traction pin traction plate is welded to the required position in the contract, which requires high welding technology, otherwise the car will droop.
  • 5. Welding frame, welding suspension. At this time, the welding suspension should strictly grasp the size and keep upright, otherwise it will eat the tire.
  • 6. Connect the front neck, high and low plates with the front neck.The front neck of low flat plate is welded to go up, after welding is done make floor board consolidate, strength has no problem, manufacturer also had considered in advance good.
  • 7. Laying the bottom is to weld or break the bottom plate on the frame. There is nothing to be said in this step.
  • 8. The vertical box board and door leaf shall be welded and fixed in advance, and then the vertical column hinge shall be welded, so as to keep the box board upright and beautiful.
  • 9. Sanding and painting. Sanding is the first step of painting. Some manufacturers without shot blasting workshop will use high-pressure air to blow and polish welding slag at this stage.
  • 10. Install the footwall, install the footwall running system after the painting is finished, and install the assembled footwall simply before accurate debugging.
  • 11. Install tires.
  • 12. Transfer to the library for storage.
  • 13. Code printing and factory inspection.
40ft flatbed semi trailer