2024 Best Guide of Fuel Tanker Trailer

A fuel tank trailer is known as fuel truck trailer, fuel tanker. The fuel tank trailer comprises a tank body, power take-off, driveshaft, gear oil pump, pipe network system, and other components.

The pipe network system is composed of an oil pump, three-way four-position ball valve, two-way ball valve, filter, and pipeline.

Fuel tanker trailer application:

Fuel tank trailer is generally used to transport gasoline, kerosene, diesel, vegetable oil, edible oil, heavy oil, coal tar, and non-petroleum products such as alcohol, aldehyde, benzene, ether, and other liquid substances.

The fuel tank trailer has a capacity of 30000-60000 liters, which is generally used for long-distance transportation, transporting liquid substances all over the world to realize the reasonable distribution and use of resources.

Fuel tanker trailer images

Through the video and pictures below, you can better understand 45000 liters tanker trailers, we also offer 2axle, 3 axles, 4 axle diesel tanker trailers for sale, bitumen tanker trailers for sale, chemical tanker trailers for sale, and more…

45000 liters fuel tank trailer

Fuel tanker trailer specification

Capacity: 30,000-60,000 liters, 8000-16000 gallons

Dimensions/size: 8500-14500*2500*3800-4100 mm

Compartment: 2-10 compartment

Payload: 39-41 ton

Material: carbon steel, aluminum

Chassis: High strength steel

Axle: 2/3/4 axles, BPW, Fuwa

Suspensions: Air suspension, mechanical suspension

Tare weight: 6.5-10 ton

Value: High Strength Steel

Brake system: Dual Line brake system, T30/30 Chamber, Wabco emergency valve, ABS/EBS optional

Fuel tanker trailer drawing

40000 liters fuel tanker Drawing
40000 liters fuel tanker trailers drawing

Fuel tanker truck parts

Axle & tire

BPW German brand air suspension and axle high-quality running system, less maintenance, and longer service life

petroleum tank trailer tire


The function of the legs is to support the semi-trailer parking when the tractor and truck semi trailer is disconnected. In order to adapt to the change of the height of the semi-trailer, the legs are equipped with a screw lifting mechanism, so that the connection and disconnection of the gasoline tanker trailer and the tractor can be carried out smoothly.

fuel tanker truck trailer leg
fuel tanker truck trailer leg


Modular design, adopt NORD-LOCK secure bolts, ensure fastening stability. Easy to be installed and maintain in future


Withstand 10T level impact modular rear bumper, ultra-high safety performance protect tank damaged


ADR standard Valves, widely applicable for the major oil companies, high quality ensure the longer service life.

fuel tanker trailer discharge valve

Cable and pipe

Cable and pipe routing and clamping system allows direct and improved ease of access during diagnostic testing and replacement

Fuel outlet valve

We have a special design for the fuel outlet valve, which can better guarantee that when we dismantle the joint, there will be no fuel leakage. The internal structure is more in line with fluid mechanics, and when there is a large flow of goods out, the internal pressure can be balanced.

Anti-spill sensor

When we load in liquid fuel, we can’t detect how much has been added every moment, at this time, we need to use the overflow prevention sensor, when it reaches the specified height, the alarm will sound.

4axle tanker trailer
4 axles oil tanker trailer for sale

Oil and gas recovery valve: When we load and unload, we will definitely use the oil and gas recovery valve, which can recover the excess volatile oil and gas, not only to reduce waste but also to ensure safety.

Safety valve

An important component of the manhole cover is the safety valve. The valve is used to automatically regulate the internal pressure of the tank to ensure the safety of the tank and also to reduce the volatilization of oil.

A bit of oil tank is having more than one compartment, there are breathing valves between them, the body of the breathing valve is made of nickel-cadmium stainless steel, the tank components are made of stainless steel to ensure that they will not rust.

46000l 3axle tanker trailer

Subsea valve

The subsea valve is usually installed at the bottom of the tank, usually, its role is in diesel tanker trailer after an accident, in order to prevent the transport of liquid fuel leakage, resulting in greater economic losses, once the accident, the subsea valve will automatically cut off the pipeline within 3 seconds to ensure the safety of the transported goods.

Manhole cover

The manhole cover is specially designed, and it has many functions, which can guarantee the safety of the gasoline tanker trailers to a certain extent.

tanker trailer manhole cover

Tank body of fuel tanker trailer:

1. The tank body is made of 4mm or 6mm high-quality carbon steel according to national standards. The shape of the tank is divided into elliptical or square round tanks. It can hold 1-4 kinds of oil products. We can also produce heating and thermal insulation series tanks.

2. Tanker trailers for alcohol and chemical are made of stainless steel imported from South Korea, and the thickness is 4mm-5mm.

3. Tanker trailers for various hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, lye are made of special plastic with a thickness of 12mm-22mm.

4. There are multiple anti-wave plates in the tank. High-pressure gas leak detection is adopted to make the tank have high strength, stable center of gravity, and safe and stable vehicle transportation.

5. Centrifugal pump, gear pump and stainless steel pump can be selected according to the transportation purpose of the fuel tanker trailer, which has large flow rate and fast suction speed.

6. Single-counting and double-counting flow meters can be used for the measurement of fuel tanker trailer. It can also be equipped with a tax-controlled fueling machine, installed with a 10-15 meter automatic retractable reel and equipped with a fueling gun. Edible oil products can be measured by computer meters specially for edible oil products.


1. 3D Drawing and HyperMesh & Ansys

Fully utilize physical property, support higher performance, reducing operating cost

2. ADR standard API Adaptor

Crucial to any API bottom loading system, match 3″ or 4″ couplers

3. API Sockets Optic

Support bottom loading system

4. ADR standard Manhole with vapor vent

16″ or 20″, Aluminum material for a longer lifetime

5. More safety by 7%Lower center gravity Gooseneck design

6. 12% Larger volume by semi-elliptical section barrel design

7. 10-year Long service life by tanker automatic arc welding

Fuel tanker factory

tanker truck trailer factory
fuel oil tanker truck trailer factory – Panda
fuel tanker truck trailer manufacturer
fuel oil tanker truck semi trailer manufacturer – Panda

Packaging and shipping

Generally, tanker truck trailers can reach customers after 7-25 days of transportation; we will do an excellent job to protect the tanker truck trailer from the seawater before transport.

How do I choose fuel tanker trailers?

1. Material to be transported: we generally use fuel tank trailers to haul gasoline, oil, petrol, or other goods. We need first to determine whether the fuel tanker can do our job. You can tell us the goods you need to transport. We will provide you with professional advice.

Tank thickness has a huge impact on fuel tanker trailers, we need to use 5mm or 6mm high strength steel, especially when transporting large amounts of diesel / gasoline over long distances, the thickness of the tank is very important.

2. Local laws and regulations: whether the local country has a weight limit or a weight limit, we can consider using some fuel tanker with smaller tonnage.

3. Roads: How are the streets in your country? Many inexperienced friends may not know that if the country road conditions are not very good, we need to adjust some configurations to ensure that the fuel tanker trailer can work better. In this regard, PANDA Mech does a good job and can always provide some professional advice.

tanker trailer to Gambia
fuel oil tanker trailer to the Gambia

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4. Duration of use: Some customers tell us during the communication that the work may only last for a short period, then we will relatively recommend the use of some more cost-effective configuration, if some need to be used for a long time, we will relatively recommend some better quality configuration, to ensure that the pitch transport trailer service life is longer.

5. There are two kinds of common gasoline tanker trailer materials, one is carbon steel and the other is aluminum.

Relatively speaking, aluminum is lighter in weight and is generally used in countries with limited weight and can transport more liquids at the same time, but at the same time, the price of aluminum is higher than that of carbon steel.

aluminum vs carbon steel tanker truck
aluminum vs carbon steel oil tanker truck

Carbon steel is relatively heavier and less expensive, which is suitable for use in some countries without weight limits and some companies with limited budgets.

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What are the benefits of using air suspension?

Now there are more and more customers choose air suspension, this is because everyone’s requirements for the safety and stability of gasoline tanker trailer are getting higher and higher, which leads to the increasing popularity of air suspension.

  • 1. Air suspension is lighter, while the traditional mechanical suspension is much heavier.
  • 2. air suspension is relatively smooth and better damping. The spring of air suspension can reduce the vibration when going through some bumpy roads, which can better protect the safety of the cargo.
  • 3. Panda recommends: for Africa’s bad road conditions, it is recommended to use air suspension, his twisting, shock resistance, anti-bump, can increase transport safety, help you save costs.

How do you choose a fuel tanker trailer manufacturer?

  • 1. whether it is a factory or not: this is a critical criterion, there are many traders in China, but if we buy a fuel tanker trailer from a trader, it will cost us more, we suggest you choose to buy directly from the factory, PANDA Mech is a factory direct sales, there is no intermediary to earn the price difference.
  • 2. PANDA Mech has been established for more than 20 years. Its technology has been at the forefront of the world. It invests a lot of human and material resources in research and development every year to improve.
  • 3. Look at the company’s big customers: a company with big customers is a more well-known company in the industry. It also means that big customers trust this company and are very worthy of cooperation.
  • 4. Product videos: if a company puts a lot of effort into its product videos, it also means that it is willing to put more effort into its products, which is a trustworthy company.
  • 5. When communicating with the business, whether the other party is professional, the business level of a company’s personnel is also a side understanding of whether this company is professional, if this company can provide you with professional services and advice on your problems, then it must be suitable to choose them.

So when you buy a fuel tank trailer in China, PANDA Mech is the best choice for you. Request a Quote⇒


Interior Cleaning

Tanker interior cleaning is essential; transporting fuel from one area to another and facing different climates may cause damage to your vehicle. With regular cleaning, we can be tanker truck life longer.

Gasket Cleaning

The inspection hole gasket is where dirt and grime can build upon the tank trailer. If you don’t remove the residue, you will run into problems sooner or later. For example, you could end up cross-contaminating fluids or having leaks. If you are hauling only one type of fluid, do this every six months. If you change items to be transported, clean them before each product change.

Tire Inspection

Petrol tank trailers need to be low rolling resistance tires and a tire pressure system. All tires should be fitted with a tire pressure monitoring system or an automatic tire inflation system to ensure they are ready to withstand all the weight of the load and all the challenges of the road. You must also maintain your tires to avoid rollovers. If your tires don’t have enough tread, they won’t be able to maintain proper traction on the road, so pay attention to the impression as well.

Bolts are checked regularly

You may have many bolts on your gasoline tanker trailer. These must be properly maintained because they play an essential role in holding things together. You don’t want to end up in a situation where things start falling apart on the road! Check the shock absorber bolts, spring U-bolts, and slewing ring bolts. All of these should be tightly secured in place to maintain the vehicle’s integrity. If they are loose, they should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Valve Inspection

You have hydraulic valves, safety valves, vacuum valves, and pressure valves in your tanker trailer, they are iman essential for the tanker semi-trailer, and sometimes when you are in very cold temperatures, these valves tend to freeze and then fail. To ensure this doesn’t happen, each valve should be properly lubricated.

Tank Repair

We should regularly check the tank for leaks, and if you find small holes, we should fill them before use. Fuel tank trailer After using it for a while, we should check the body for any bends or deformations, as these may cause cracks to appear in the future. We should also polish the fuel tank truck body to prevent rusting.

How to clean a stainless steel tanker?

Step 1: Apply a low pH (acid) detergent to the vehicle surface using a Foam Maxx foamer

When applying the chemical, foam it on from the bottom of the vehicle to the top of the vehicle

Step 2: Apply a high pH (alkaline) detergent directly on top of the low pH (acid) detergent)

Step 3: Allow for a short dwell time of 30-45 seconds

Do not allow the chemical to dry on the surface

Step 4: Use warm water (90°F – 100°F) for your high-pressure rinse and rinse the vehicle section from top to bottom

Maintain your high-pressure nozzle within 18 inches of the surface and a spray angle of 15° – 45°

3 Axle 45KL Fuel Tank Trailer Shipped to Tanzania

How to polish stainless tanker trailer

Step 1: Clean the aluminum and metal parts of the truck with a damp rag to remove all the dirt and dust that has built up from driving. Spray a metal cleaner on the parts if need be to remove any deposits. You want both your stainless steel and aluminum components to be completely clean before you polish them.

Step 2: Dry the truck components thoroughly with a dry rag. Water can interfere with the polish so you want the truck to be dry.

Step 3: Apply aluminum polish to a soft rag and work it into the fabric. Rub the rag over the aluminum parts of the semi-truck. The rag will likely turn black even though you just cleaned the aluminum, but this is normal.

Step 4: Use another dry rag to buff the aluminum and remove any remaining traces of polish. Repeat adding polish and buffing as necessary.

Step 5: Apply steel polish to a rag or pour flour on the steel itself. Flour works very well as a stainless steel polishing agent.

Step 6: Rub polish or the flour into the metal vigorously and then buff it with a dry rag.

45kl fuel tank trailer
45kl fuel tank trailer

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What should be paid attention to when driving a fuel tanker trailer:

  • 1. check the working condition of each instrument dashboard;
  • 2. check whether the steering system is working properly;
  • 3. check whether the brakes work properly;
  • 4. check whether the engine, chassis, and oil tank body have abnormal noise and abnormal odor;
  • 5. during parking time, check the following: touch the front and rear wheel brake drums for overheating by hand, check the tightening of the tires and nuts, remove the inclusions in the tire pattern, and check for oil leakage, water leakage, or air leakage, check the condition of leaf springs, check whether the drive shaft bolts are loose, check the appearance of the tanker body and the pipe network system of the fuel tanker trailer.

Fuel tank trailer precautions:

  • 1. it is not allowed to pour gasoline into the carburetor port when the engine is running or starting. Add gasoline to the carburetor to increase the concentration of the gas mixture in the cylinder. Although it is beneficial to start when the oil does not enter the cylinder, it will not help the failure caused by other reasons, and it may also cause fire, burn people and vehicles, etc.
  • 2. when maintaining the gasoline filter, it is not recommended to burn the filter core with gasoline. Many people like to do this to remove impurities on the filter element when maintaining the gasoline filter. It is easy to fire, and at the same time it has an impact on the service life of the filter element.
  • 3. in the oil depot, it is not allowed to check the battery by short-circuit and fire. In small oil depots with poor ventilation, tires, batteries, tarpaulins and other equipment are often placed. There is gasoline spilled on the ground. The sparks generated during the fire are likely to ignite the oil molecules in the air.
  • 4. the chain of the fuel tanker trailer is not allowed to be wound on the girder. Fuel oil, like other substances, also generates static electricity when it rubs against another object. This may ignite the fuel and cause a fire. Therefore, a ground wire should be installed on the oil depot, and a grounded iron chain should also be installed on the fuel tanker trailer to prevent static sparks inside the oil tank. It should be on the ground, and not less than 50 cm.
  • 5. It is strictly prohibited to refuel under the high-voltage wire.
  • 6. Sometimes the spark plug will have carbon deposition. When it is serious, the cylinder will not work properly. In order to make the cylinder operate normally, someone will adopt the method leaving gap of 3mm to 4mm between the spark plug and the high voltage line, which is forbidden to do frequently. It can increase the energy of spark plug, but it can easily fall off. If there is dripping gasoline on the cylinder, it is very easy to cause fire. Therefore it is only a temporary remedy. The correct treatment should be to clean and maintain the spark plug in time.
  • 7. no dripping is allowed in the oil system. If there is a leak in the oil line of the chassis, and it is encountering a late ignition point and a lean mixture point, the exhaust pipe will catch fire due to the slow combustion, and the temperature of the vehicle body will rise more than ten times the ignition point of gasoline vapor(the flash point is 28℃). If the leaked oil is ignited, it is easy to cause fire and cause the scrap of the vehicle. If the carburetor part leaks on the cylinder head, the spark plug high voltage spark leakage may also cause a fire.
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How to extend the service life of fuel tanker trailer

First: the longer the time using the fuel tanker trailer, the less the maintenance

When the new vehicle is used, the maintenance frequency is very high. After the vehicle has been used for a long time, less and less attention is paid to vehicle’s maintenance. In fact, the frequency of vehicle maintenance should be proportional to the age of the vehicle. The longer the car is used and the greater the mileage, the more frequent maintenance should be.

fuel tank trailer
fuel tank trailer

Ignition system failure analysis

  • 1. When checking the ignition system circuit, do not check the connection of the circuit by scraping. This method is easily to damage the electronic components. A multimeter should be used to check and judge the connection of the circuit.
  • 2. When the engine is started and working, do not touch the ignition coil high-voltage line and distributors to avoid electric shock.
  • 3. When disassembling the battery, you must confirm that the ignition switch and all other electrical equipment and their switches are turned off.
  • 4. When installing the battery, be sure to distinguish the positive and negative electrodes. Do not connect it incorrectly. The connection between the battery polarity and the clamp must be firm, otherwise it will easily damage the electronic equipment.
  • 5. When conducting high-pressure test, it is best to use insulated rubber clips to hold high-voltage line for the test. Direct contact with the high-voltage line by hand is easy to cause electric shock. Another way to avoid electric shock is to insert the high-voltage wire into a spare spark plug and observe whether there is a flashover from the spark plug electrode gap.
  • 6. When the ignition switch is on, do not connect or disconnect the circuit to avoid burning the electronic devices in the controller.
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