40 Ft Flatbed Semi Trailer For Sale



Type: 3 axle 40 ft flatbed trailer

Price Range: $8,990-14,500

Delivery: 7-25 days

Load capacity: 20-60 ton

Application: bulk cargo, container


The 40ft flatbed trailer is known as a 40 foot flatbed truck trailer. The 40ft flatbed semi trailer is a semi trailer with a container structure. They are mainly used in logistics systems supporting ships, ports, routes, highways, transfer stations, bridges, tunnels, and multimodal transport.

The loading part of the 40ft flatbed truck trailer is determined according to the size of the standard container. A twist lock device for fixing the container is provided at the position corresponding to the four corners of the bottom of the container.

Type: 2 axle 40ft flatbed container trailer, tri axles 40ft flatbed trailer, four axles 40ft flatbed tractor trailer, 40 ft gooseneck flatbed trailer for sale, single tire flatbed deck trailer.

40 Foot flatbed trailer images

three axle flatbed semi truck trailer for sale

3 axle 40ft flatbed semi trailer for sale

3 axle 40 feet flatbed container trailers for sale

tri axle 40 foot flatbed container trailer

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40Ft flatbed trailer specifications

 Manufacturer  Panda Mech 40 ft flatbed container semi truck trailer
 Axles  3 axles, BPW/SAF/FUWA Brand
 40 FT flatbed trailer dimensions  12500×2500×1500 mm
 40 FT flatbed trailer capacity  70 ton
 Weight  7-9 ton
 Twist lock  8-12 sets
 Material  Main beams Q345B, upper flange:14mm, middle:8mm, down:16mm
 King Pin  2 inch or 3.5 inch JOST Brand
 Chassis  3mm,4mm,6mm, carbon steel or aluminum alloy
 Suspension  Mechanical, airbag suspension
 Tire  11.00R20, 12.00R20,12R22.5, 385/65R22.5 Triangle/Hankook/ Bridgestone brand

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40Ft flatbed trailer drawing

40 ft flatbed trailer drawing

drawing of 40Ft flatbed trailer

3 Axle flatbed trailer video

3 axle 40′ flatbed truck semi trailer

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3 Axle 40ft flatbed trailer features

  1. Highly robust structure steel with tensile and high load capacity, 40-ton loading capacity.
  2. Heavy-duty type mechanical spring suspension for high loads of requirements needs.
  3. Length and width of lowbed available custom made
  4. Air suspension and bogie suspension is an option.

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Transport and marine transportation of 40ft flatbed semi trailer

Many customers will choose to use container transportation when transporting flatbed trailers because this can have lower transportation costs and shorter transportation time.

40Ft flatbed truck trailers are generally used for bulk carriers or ro-ro ships for transportation. We will ensure that Panda Mech commercial flatbed trailers will be waxed and covered with tarps when the cargo ships are in bulk.

40 foot flatbed container truck trailer for sale

40Ft flatbed semi trailer manufacturer

We are a 40 ft flatbed semi trailer manufacturer from China. We supply 40ft flatbed semi trailers and gooseneck flatbed trailers for sale. We can customize it according to your needs.

Panda Mech manufacturers have been successful in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and South America, such as the Philippines, Tanzania, etc…

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