40 Ft Extendable Flatbed Trailer



Type: 40 ft extendable flatbed trailer

Price Range: $12,990-20,500

Delivery: 7-25 days

Load capacity: 20-100 ton

Application: bulk cargo, container


The extendable flatbed trailer is known as stretch flatbed trailer. The stretch flatbed trailer is generally used to transport construction machinery and large equipment. Generally, many places are limited, especially on some bridges. The use of flatbed extendable trailer cannot be transported, so people use an extendable flatbed trailer for transportation.

Extendable flatbed trailer feature

Multi Support parts

8, 12 sets container locks for carrying  1 unit 20ft 40 feet 45 foot container.

Rope Euphroes and hooks help fasten cargo, suitable for multi-cargo transporting.

Good Painting

Surfaces are cleaned by shot blasting: one epoxy coating and acrylic finish coating.

Durable against rust, supports longer good looking and service life.

Automatic welding

Submerged is automatic welding construction, Keypoint reinforces and purposeful welding avoids some parts easier to lose welding according to experience support vehicle longer time working without repairing.

Quality Axles suspensions and Brake sys

BPW, FUWA worldwide best axles work with WABCO brake valve, more effectively brake for safe and save tire cost Fix quality springs and suspensions, support longer service life, save maintenance cost.

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40Ft extendable flatbed trailer image

extendable flatbed trailer

40ft extendable flatbed semit trailer

extendable flatbed trailer

tri axle 40ft extendable flatbed container transport trailer for sale

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Extendable flatbed trailer specification

Extendable flatbed truck trailer brands

–  Panda Mech

Extendable container flat trailer loading capacity: 20-120 ton

–  2 axle: 20-40 ton

–  3 axle: 40-70 ton

–  4 axle: 70-90 ton

Extendable flatbed trailer size

–  2 axle stretch flatbed trailer dimensions: 13000x3000x1750/1250 mm

Stretch flatbed trailer


–  2 axle stretch flatbed trailer: 9-11 ton

–  3 axle stretch flatbed trailer: 10-12 ton

–  4 axle stretch flatbed trailer: 11-13 ton


–  3000mm, 3meter, Most used

Height from ground

–  1250mm


–  height: 850-1250 mm

–  Max-height: 1750 mm


–  850-1250 mm, customize to your needs.

–  Max height: 1250 mm, 1.25 meter


–  2 axle: 8+1

–  3 axle: 12+1

–  4 axle: 16+1




–  Mechanical suspension/ air suspension


–  235/70 R 17.5

–  245/70 R 17.5

–  295/60 R 22.5

–  11 R 22.5

–  12 R 22.5

–  315/80 R 22.5


–  Hydraulic ramps, hydraulic pump, Low Bed Semi Trailer valve, booster, brake shoes, brake drums, outriggers, suspension, landing gear, tires, lights,

Extendable flatbed trailer types

–  Removable gooseneck lowbed trailers, gooseneck lowbed trailers, step Low Bed Semi Trailer, Low Bed Semi Trailer with hydraulic ramps, special Low Bed Semi Trailer(customize).

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Panda Mech

Panda Mech is a stretch flatbed trailer manufacturer from China. We supply extendable flatbed trailers for sale. We can customize it according to your needs. Panda Mech manufacturers have been successful in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and South America, such as the Philippines, Tanzania, etc…



40 ft flatbed semi truck

20ft platform semi trailer

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