Different Types of Flatbed Trailers

The Flatbed trailer is divided into many types, mainly used to transport heavy, oversized, wide-width and non-delicate cargo, such as machinery, construction supplies or equipment.

Flatbed trailer types

There are many types of flatbed trailers, including:

  • Common 40 ft flatbed trailer;
  • Side wall trailers;
  • Wing van trailers;
  • Flatbed trailer with front board;
  • Extendable flatbed trailers;
  • Drawbar flatbed trailers;
  • Superlink trailers;
  • Lowbed trailer
  • Detachable low bed trailer

Common 40 ft flatbed trailer

As the most basic form, 40ft flatbed trailer has no side, fornt or rear. It also has a wide range of uses and the lowest price.

3 Axle 40 Foot Flatbed Semi Trailer
3 Axle 40 Foot Flatbed Semi Trailer

Flatbed drop side trailer

Drop side trailer also called flatbed semi trailer with sides. Side Wall Trailer is used to load a variety of products and materials, such as bags, poultry, sand, bulk groceries, etc. It is one of the widest used semi trailers in transportation industry.

side wall trailer

Fence trailer

A fence trailer refers to a special vehicle equipped with a special device and a cage or fence structure. It is mainly used to transport bulk particles or feed, livestock and poultry, and other goods. In the exterior design of fence trailer carriages, we strive to be beautiful in appearance, reasonable in internal structure and advanced in technology.

4 axle fence semi trailer

Wing van trailer

Wing van trailer is also known as wing-propelled vehicles, bi-wings, flying-wings, two-wings etc. It is the improvements of ordinary vans, which can realize the opening of its wings and double rear doors through hydraulic power units. The flying three axle wing van semi trailer is a new type of transportation vehicle that can meet the needs of modern logistics development that has broad market prospects. 

3 axle 40ft wing van trailer

Flatbed trailer with front board

The purpose of the Flatbed trailer with the front board is the same as that of the ordinary flatbed trailer. The addition of front board ensures the safety of the cab to a certain extent and the safety of the goods when braking.

flatbed trailer with frontboard

Extendable flatbed trailer

The extendable flatbed trailer can be extended in length, so it is suitable for transporting longer goods.

extendable flatbed trailer

Drawbar flatbed trailers

The shape of the front of the Drawbar flatbed trailers is A double shape, which can enhance its structural strength and stability, and also make it safer when turning, but this type can not carry heavy cargo.

a double / drawbar flabed trailer

Superlink flatbed trailers

When a large number of goods are transported at one time, the superlink flatbed trailer will be used. The superlink flatbed trailer has relatively high requirements on the road and the driver.

superlink flatbed trailer

Double-drop flatbed trailers 

It also has a center portion similar to a single drop that drops lower than both ends. Also, it can create a “well” that allows for taller cargo to be carried. 

These types of flatbed trailers have lower ground clearance compared to the standard ones. Also, it is often used to carry cargo that requires a crane to load and unload.

Low bed trailer

A lowboy trailer is an unpowered trailer, commonly used to haul freight. With a lowered bed in front of the rear axles, lowboys are designed to transport taller goods that would exceed the height restrictions if carried on a flatbed. Depending on the freight, some states require many permits.

8 lowbed trailer
8 lowbed trailer

Detachable low bed trailer

Removable Gooseneck Trailers (RGN) are built to carry tall and long freights. The front of an RGN trailer is detachable, allowing the trailer to be dropped on the ground creating a ramp. Capable of transporting freight weighing up to 150,000 pounds, an RGN trailer can expand from 3 axles up to over 20 axles for heavier shipments. Because it is considered a more specialized trailer, removable gooseneck trailers are more expensive to use.

hydraulic detachable gooseneck lowboy trailer

Flatbed semi trailer brands

Panda Mech is one of the most famous flatbed semi trailer brands in China. At present, our flatbed semi trailers have been exported to more than 80 countries and regions, and we have cooperated with about 2000+ companies.

PANDA Mech has been exporting semi trailers since 2002 and has a lot of experience in foreign markets. Every year, our marketing analysts make market surveys in depth, so that the design department can design semi-trailers meeting the market demand as soon as possible. More flatbed semi trailer…

Flatbed semi-trailer transport

The flatbed semi-trailer is generally used for long-distance transportation of some bulk goods, containers, etc. It is one of the most widely used transportation vehicles.

Flatbed Semi Trailer Specifications

Flatbed semi trailer accessories

Flatbed semi trailer is composed of several parts, including the main beam, traction pins, outriggers, toolbox, tires, air chamber, wiring, Led lights, axles, leaf springs, lugs, suspension, and side fenders, fenders, crash beam, etc.

flatbed semi trailer accessories

flatbed semi trailer accessories


flatbed semi trailer tire

Which type of flatbed trailer is right for me?

  1. It depends on what kind of goods we need to transport.
  2. Choose according to the condition of our roads.
  3. Choose according to the weight we transport.
  4. Choose according to the distance we transport.
  5. Choose according to local laws.

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