Cement Tanker

Cement trailer as known as a cement tanker, cement bulker traielr. Cement trailer used for transporting cement, lime, sand, and kinds of diameter ≤ 0.1mm bulk powder materials.

How to choose cement trailers?

  • (1) Material to be transported: usually, we use a cement tanker trailer to transport most cement, but we may also transport PVC granules, fly ash, lime, sand, etc. We need first to determine whether the powder tanker can do our job. You can tell us the goods you need to transport. We will provide you with professional advice.
  • (2) Local laws and regulations: whether the local country has a weight limit, if the country has a weight limit, we can consider using an aluminum cement bulker trailer, and also use some smaller tonnage cement tanker, such as a 25-ton cement trailer.
  • (3) Roads: What are the road conditions in your country? For many inexperienced people who may not know, if the road conditions in your country are not very good, we need to make some adjustments in the configuration to ensure that the pneumatic cement trailer can work better. In this regard, PANDA Mech does a good job and can always provide some professional advice.
  • (4) Long-term use: Some customers tell us in the communication that the work may only last for a while, then we will relatively recommend the use of some cost-effective configuration, if some need to be used for a long time, we will relatively recommend some better quality configuration, to ensure that the dry bulk trailer life is longer.
  • (5) Unloading: Some companies have the equipment to replace the air compressor when unloading cement trailers. At this time, we will recommend you buy a PTO cement trailer to save costs.

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How to choose a cement trailer supplier?

  • 1. Whether it is a factory, this is an essential criterion. There are many traders in China. Still, if we buy cement trailers from traders, it will cost more. We suggest you choose to buy directly from the factory. PANDA Mech is factory direct sales. There is no intermediary to earn the price difference.
  • 2. Years of establishment a company’s establishment years can reflect the company’s strength. PANDA Mech has been established for more than 20 years. Technology has been at the forefront of the world. Every year will invest a lot of human and material resources to research and development to improve.
  • 3. Look at the company’s big customers, how his big customers are more well-known companies in the industry. It also means that big customers trust this company and that it is very worthy of cooperation.
  • 4. Product video: If a company has put enough effort into the product video, it also means that it is willing to pay more for the product, which is a trustworthy company.
  • 5. When communicating with the business, whether the other party is professional, the business level of a company’s personnel also can be a side understanding of whether this company is professional if this company can provide you with professional services and advice on your problems. It must be correct to choose them.

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What is a cement trailer?

It consists of a special vehicle chassis, bulk cement truck tank, air pipeline system, automatic unloading device, and other parts. The most commonly used places include cement plants, cement warehouses, and large construction sites, etc. It can save a lot of packaging materials and loading and unloading labor, thus saving costs.



aluminum cement trailer

aluminum cement tanker trailer

40 Ton cement bulker trailer
50-ton bulk cement tanker truck trailer
55 ton cement trailer
55-ton dry bulk cement trailer




50-ton cement bulker trailer drawing


Bulk cement transport trailer specifications & dimensions

Cement trailer capacity: 25 to 120 tons, volume 20 to 100 m3.

Cement trailer dimensions: (9500-12000)*2500*(3300-4000)mm.

Cement tank trailer tare weight: 6.5-9 tons.

Cement trailer width: 2500mm.

Cement trailer parts: cement trailer blower, cement trailer pump, axle, light, suspension, tire, tank, manhole cover, landing gear, Kingpin, brake system.

2 Axle cement trailer weight: 27000kg

3 Axle pneumatic bulk trailer weight: 34500kg

4 Axle dry bulk tank truck trailer weight: 42500kg


Advantage of PANDA cement tanker trailer

1. Best Raw steel: Tank body and construction made of YP ≥ 620 high-strength steel, ensure longer service life and lighter tare weight.

2. Excellent Performance: Unique design ensures unloading rate > 1.3t/min, 15m vertical discharge distance.

3. Quality welding:  Good steel with quality welding support longer guarantee for cement trailers.

4. Durable Painting: the Whole vehicle Shot blasting clean base for painting, twice primer support longer painting life.

5. Cement trailers design: 3D drawing with Ansys & Hypermesh Analyze support reasonable design.


Sea transportation of powder tanker trailer

To prevent the paint of the powder tanker truck trailer from being corroded by seawater, we will spray a layer of wax on the surface of the powder tanker trailer before transportation.

We will wrap all diesel engines of cement tanker trailers with rain cloth.

Sea transportation of powder tanker trailer


Other about cement trailer:

Why use cement tanker trailers to transport dry bulk cement?

The dry bulk cement tanker trailer used to transport cement is a bulk powder transporter, which is composed of a specially designed chassis, pneumatic piping system, tanker, and unloading unit.

This design is specially designed for the safe transportation of pneumatic oil tanker truck commodities, lime powder, coal powder, and any other dry powder materials with a diameter less than 0.1mm. Its common applications and uses are in cement manufacturing plants, construction sites, and cement warehouses. Using this type of powder tank trailer greatly reduces packaging and unloading costs.



Pneumatic tanker trailers can transport a lot of cement at once. Most importantly, it can ensure that the quality of cement in transportation is not affected by any damping.

Using a cement tank trailer does not require much packaging and unpacking. The process of loading and unloading cement from tankers is simplified through the fluidization process.


High carrying capacity

Each set of cement tank trailers can hold up to 100 cubic meters.

It provides an ideal solution for the transportation of large amounts of cement, especially for heavy construction projects, which is different from using traditional cement vehicles (which may not be sufficient to handle large projects).


Effective and reliable delivery speed

The transportation of large amounts of cement can be carried out at a reliable speed. Trailers provide an effective means of transportation that previously took up a lot of cement.


The cement bulk trailer working principle

We use the engine equipped on the cement bulk trailer or borrow the main engine to drive the air compressor through the power take-off driveshaft or pulley. The air compressor reaches the momentum of the cement tanker trailer through the sealed pipeline.

When the cement trailer pressure reaches 0.2Mpa, it will The unloading butterfly valve on the dry bulk trailer can be opened, so that the powdery material can be unloaded directly to the place where needed through the pipeline of the unloading system.


How to maintain a cement trailer?

(1) Air compressor: Air compressor according to the instructions of the manufacturer of the bulk cement tanker. Be sure to add lubricant before use!

(2) Engine: Pay attention to regularly checking its lubrication and working conditions. If there is an abnormal sound, find out the cause in time and eliminate it. Gear meshing and wear should be checked once a year and should not be operated at high speed.

(3) Air circuit: The sealing condition of the cement tanker should be checked frequently, and if there is air leakage, it should be cleared in time.

(4) Tank: Regularly check whether the tank leaks.

(5) Fuel tank air chamber: always check the air chamber canvas. And check whether the air chamber layering is compacted.


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I have received the cement trailers today, I work in a cement factory. I mainly use the cement trailer to transport cement. For me, a large loading capacity is a very important thing, which can save a lot of costs. I hope this purchase This batch of cement trailers can bring me good luck.

Customer from South America

These are the cement tank trailers I bought 30 days ago. This is the 3rd time I have received the cement bulkers, and as satisfied as before. We are deeply moved by your patient guidance on how to use and how to maintain it. You are not only my good partner but also my friend.

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Yes, my friend. I have got my favorite pneumatic trailer again. I have been using your cement tanker for more than 2 years. After dealing with your company and cement bulk trailer, I know exactly whom I am dealing with.

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Yes, you are right, these cement bulkers are very powerful, I am now using them to transport fly ash. I have used it for a while without any problems. This purchase is more suitable than the last purchase, although the price It’s more expensive, quality is the most important thing. Great.

Customer from Africa

I think you are very professional when I choose the cement tanker trailers. Thank you for helping me choose these processing cement trailers that suit me best. Now that I have received the cement tank trailers, I hope I can work with the cement bulk trailers delightedly.

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