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Djema youcef from Algeria

post on 2022.2.24

Awesome container tipper trailer, all the work is done automatically with high speed and high quality, I bought container tipper trailers and it surprised me a lot.


Jesus Christian from Dominican Republic

post on 2022.2.6

It was perfect when I received the container tilt chassis. It is consistent with the picture they sent me. Leon sent greetings, did you receive them? If I have any questions, I can contact her. Reply Leon here, it’s perfect.


Muneer Sallam from Liberia

post on 2022.1.20

I like PANDA very much. All of their container tipper semi-trailers are covered with rain cloths to prevent corrosion from seawater and rain. When I received the 20ft container tipper trailer, it was intact.

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