Quality Assurance

Strictly check the quality and quality control to ensure the production of high-quality semi-trailers.


Worldwide Research

Our team visit customers, industry leaders and standard makers all over the world, summarize customer needs on site


Advanced Design

Fully applying Pro / E 3D design provide effective support for structure improvement


Structure Analysis

Finite element analysis to provide effective support for structure light weight design


Exchange Forums

A wide variety of forums provide a platform for industry exchanges to explore industry prospects

Quality & Control

Our mission is to provide high-quality products and services, realize our business value, adopt effective control technologies and methods, and control related factors such as people, machines, raw materials, processing methods, test methods, and the environment to maintain stable quality.


Supplier Management

Quality is determined by raw material sand parts, the testing and vendor screening suppliers provide assurance


Processing Management

World-class producing equipment with excellent manufacturing capability is our backbone for high quality products


X-ray Testing

Each Hazardous chemicals Tanker must pass strict X-ray testing, ensure welding quality according standard.


Painting Inspection

Ensure Painting film thickness inspection according standard, support durable painting life


Each vehicle will be tested before supply to customers, making sure to supply perfect products to the world.


Braking Test


Lifting Test


Pressure Test

Optimization Never Ends

The only constant is change. Each year, we will apply for many patented technologies, design more reasonable, durable and lighter products to adapt to the changing market. We will keep moving……

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