Side Wall Trailer

The sidewall semi-trailer is a semi-trailer with a bar structure for the cargo loading part. The sidewall semi-trailer has a wide range of uses. The main application is the medium and long-distance transportation of medium, heavy, and bulk goods. It has strong flexibility and is the best choice for many people.

How to choose side wall trailer?

  • 1. Transport: We need to determine whether a side wall trailer can do our job. You can tell us the goods you need to transport. We will provide you with professional advice.
  • 2. Local laws and regulations: whether the local country has a weight limit or a weight limit, we can consider using some skeletal chassis trailer with smaller cargo or aluminum alloy.
  • 3. Roads: How are the roads in your coustreets? For many inexperienced people who may not know, if the country’s road conditions are not good, we need to make adjustments to ensure that the skeletal chassis trailer can work better. In this regard, PANDA Mech does a good job and can always provide some professional advice.
  • 4. Long-term use: Some customers tell us in the communication that the work may only last for a while, then we will relatively recommend the use of some cost-effective configuration; if some need to be used for a long time, we will relatively recommend some better quality configuration, to ensure that the container chassis trailer life longer.

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How to choose a side wall trailer manufacturer?

  • 1. Whether it is a factory or not: this is an essential criterion, there are many traders in China, but if we buy a gooseneck skeletal chassis trailer from a trader, it will cost us more, we suggest you choose to buy directly from the factory, PANDA Mech is a factory direct sales, there is no intermediary to earn the price difference.
  • 2. Years of establishment: a company’s years of establishment can side reflect the strength of the company, PANDA Mech has been established for more than 20 years, technology has been at the forefront of the world, every year will invest a lot of human and material resources in research and development to improve.
  • 3. Look at the company’s significant customers: a company with major customers is a more well-known company in the industry; it also means that this company is trusted by major customers and that this company is very worthy of cooperation.
  • 4. Product videos: if a company puts a lot of effort into its product videos, it also means that it is willing to put more effort into its products, which is a trustworthy company.
  • 5. Staff: When communicating with the business, whether the other party is professional, the business level of a company’s personnel, is also a side understanding of whether this company is professional, if this company can provide you with professional services and advice on your problems, then it must be suitable to choose them.

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What is the sidewall trailer?

SIde wall trailer comprises the loading, unloading, and travel systems, including axle, tire, suspension, kingpin, line, side fender, toolbox, lights, etc.

The vehicle body is high-quality steel, advanced technology, and strict production. The vehicle has a reasonable structure, reliable performance, easy operation, and a beautiful appearance.

(Commonly used with the cargo trailer: flatbed trailer, fence trailer)



The loading capacity of a wall trailer is large, suitable for pulling bulky goods more for furniture and building materials transport flatbed truck loading capacity is relatively large, ideal for transporting bulky goods, many not super high light throw goods will also choose to use the side wall trailer car, because in price compared to the van and warehouse car, the cost of the wall trailer is the most affordable, pull more.



side wall trailer
drop side semi trailer
side wall trailer
side wall truck trailer
A double side wall trailer
drawbar side wall truck semi trailer



Overall dimensions: 12500mm*2500mm*3200mm (1000mm sidewall)

Loading capacity: 50-60 tonne semi-trailer sidewall

Number of axles: 3 axles 

Tyres: 8/12

Material: Q345B steel

Suspension: Heavy duty mechanical spring suspension

Undercarriage: 3mm thick square plate

Central pin: 90#

Gear: JOST

Brake system: Wilburco

Electrical system: 24V, LED light



side wall drop side trailer drawing



  1. 1. PANDA sidewall trailer high strength and lightweight, 1-2% increase in payload, can be used in many applications
  2. 2. High strength steel, submerged arc welding, and two coats of paint for longer service life
  3. 3. Longer tire life thanks to well-known brands of axles and braking systems
  4. 4. More payload creates more profit
  5. 5. Optional ABS for increased safety



I. Further maintenance of the lubrication system

The primary function of the lubrication system is to effectively lubricate the various parts of the sidewall trailer engine to prevent excessive wear and tear. Under normal circumstances, the sidewall trailer needs to be cleaned and maintained once every 5,000km-10,000km, or earlier when the engine noise is too loud, acceleration is weak, and the water temperature is too high. Clean the internal engine sludge and other accumulations to avoid the oxidation of oil thickening at high temperatures, reduce the wear and tear of engine components, extend engine life and improve engine power.

2. The cooling system cleaning and maintenance

In general, sidewall trailers in the winter and summer season should be cleaned and maintained once every day, driving every six months to 8 months cleaning and maintenance, or in case of high water temperature, water leakage, open pot cleaning, and maintenance. Clear the traces and scale that lead to engine overheating, prevent harmful corrosion, avoid and stop the leakage of seals and water tanks, and thoroughly replace the old coolant.

3. The fuel system cleaning maintenance (i.e., cleaning nozzles, valve carbon)

Under normal circumstances, the sidewall trailer needs to be cleaned and maintained once every 800km-1000km, or earlier when you find that the engine shudders, lags, and accelerates badly, emits black smoke, is powerless, and costs fuel. Clear the gum and carbon inside the system, prevent harmful corrosion, avoid and stop the leakage of seals and water tanks, and thoroughly replace the old coolant.

4. The brake system cleaning and maintenance

The sidewall trailer should be cleaned and maintained once every 800km or once when the ABS response is too early or too slow. Clear the harmful oil and mud varnish system, remove the risk of failure when working at ultra-high or ultra-low temperatures, effectively prevent the brake fluid from deteriorating and expiring, and thoroughly replace the old brake fluid.

5. Cleaning and maintenance of the power steering system

The sidewall trailer needs to be cleaned and maintained once every 1000km-2000km. In case of steering difficulties system leakage, it must also be cleaned and kept after replacing the power steering parts. Clear the harmful sludge and varnish in the system, clear the steering difficulties at low temperatures, stop and prevent power steering fluid leakage, clear the steering noise, and completely replace the old brake steering fluid.


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