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Are you finding the trailer to transport the container? If so, you definitely need a Container Side Loader. Because it will help you to improve the efficiency of transport and unloading, save time and increase your profits.

We can customize your container side loader trailer to suit your needs, with regular models including 40ft container side loader trailers for sale, 20ft container side loaders for sale, and 45 ft container side lifter trailers for sale.

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Hart Jean Yann from Philippines


post on 2022.3.28

We mainly transport container. I bought 2 units of container side lifter trailers from PANDA. Of course, I am very satisfied after receiving it. Recently we are expanding our business and plan to purchase PANDA side load trailers.


Mario Falero from Indonesia


post on 2022.2.18

Thanks to Anna for providing 45 ft container sidelifter trailer. Very suitable for my business. The main reason is that the beam is very strong, and the body is still automatically welded to be safe and reliable.


David Lubowa from Senegal


post on 2021.11.6

Our company is mainly responsible for container logistics at the terminal. So the side lifter is very suitable for us. It integrates container handling and transportation functions. When arriving at the port, it is wrapped with rain cloth to prevent seawater erosion. Very professional manufacturer.


Fahad from Papua New Guinea


post on 2021.7.6

When I first received this 3 axle side lifter trailer, the salesperson sent me a message asking if the goods were received and whether the goods were intact. Thank you very much for the sales staff’s concern. They are really attentive to serving customers.

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