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Are you finding the trailer to transport ore, sand, gravel, or other minerals? If so, you definitely need a semi tipper trailer. Because it will help you to improve the efficiency of transport and unloading, save time and increase your profits.

We can customize your semi tipper trailer to suit your needs, with regular models including 30 ton semi tipper trailer for sale, 40 ton semi dump trailers for sale, 50 ton semi tipper trailer for sale, 3 axles tipper semi trailers for sale, 4 axles end dump trailers for sale, u shape tipper semi trailers for sale, rock dump truck trailers for sale.

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Jose Rodríguez
Jose Rodríguez
From Philippines
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We purchased a tipper semi trailer from Panda Mech in China, and we couldn't be happier with the quality. It's made a huge difference for our construction business, allowing us to transport materials quickly and efficiently. We're grateful to Panda Mech for providing such a reliable and durable trailer that has already proven its worth.
Jeffrey Ackah
Jeffrey Ackah
From Namibia
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We're thrilled with the tipper semi trailer we purchased from Panda Mech. This semi tipper trailer has exceeded my expectations. It's easy to use, and the safety features give me confidence when driving on rough terrain. Thank you, Panda Mech, for providing us with such a great trailer.
From Trinidad and Tobago
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The tipper semi trailer we bought from Panda Mech has been a game-changer for our Ore management business. It's made unloading materials so much faster and easier, and it's held up well over time. We appreciate the quality and durability of this ttipping trailer and are grateful to Panda Mech for providing us with a reliable and cost-effective solution.

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How to choose cement tanker trailers?

(1) Transported material: You can tell us what goods you need to transport. We will provide you with professional advice.

(2) Laws and regulations: Before we buy, we need to pay attention to the laws and regulations of our country because in some countries, there is a height limit and weight limit requirement.

(3) Roads: How are the roads in our country, are they very flat or are they potholes, what are the roads where semi tipper trailers often work? We need to consider these things because if our roads are in poor condition, we need to reinforce some parts to ensure our dry semi tipper trailer can last longer and have better quality.

(4) Long-term use: when customers buy, some are for their own company long-term use, some are just a relatively short-term project, we will recommend cost-effective semi tipper trailer for you according to your needs or, if you are a long time use, we will recommend a better configuration of semi tipper trailer for you to ensure longer life.

(5) Unloading: Depending on the shipment, we will recommend the right hydraulic cylinder for you.


Semi tipper trailer is used to transport bulk materials such as gravel, sand, coal, soil, crushed stone, or other material. There are usually used in construction, agriculture, mining, and other industries where bulker materials need to be transported.

What is a semi tipper trailer?

Semi tipper trailer has a high capacity of 20-200 tons. It can transport large amounts of cargo for long distances. It will be connected to tractors or trucks.

The semi tipper trailer is a cargo transportation vehicle. It consists of a box, hydraulic cylinder, chassis, wheelers and more. The box is designed to be lifted and will be unloaded quickly and efficiently.


Capacity20-100CBM, 20-200 ton
 Overall dimensions (mm)7500-15500*2500*3500-4100 mm
MaterialStainless steel, carbon steel,  5mm or 6mm
Axle2, 3, 4 axles
Hydraulic systemHYVA hydraulic cylinder
Cylinder175, 191, 202, 214 / 4TG, 5TG
SuspensionMechanical / Spring / Air suspension
KingpinJOST 2″ or 3.5 detachable type
Braking systemABS or EBS (optional)
Tire12R 22.5 315/80 R22.5


U section box:

U model box design and analysis, larger section area with lower barycentre, load more and unloading easier, saftly and efficiently


Double web for main beam design, stronger for multi road condition


FC and FE model optional, higher operating pressure, help Max 45° tilt angle, reducing turnaround time with faster-ripping speed, increasing operating time with long service intervals


Improved design with better stress and fatigue resistance

Tilt Shaft:

Heavy-duty design support working stable when tilting, more durable and safety.

Semi tipper trailer drawing

2 axle dump semi trailer drawing
2 axle dump tipper semi trailer drawing(20-40 ton)
3 axle tipper semi trailer drawing
3 axle tipper semi trailer drawing (30-70 ton, 20-50 cbm)
4 axle tipper truck semi trailer drawing
4 axle tipper truck semi trailer drawing(50-120 ton, 30-80cbm)

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