3 Axle Tipper Semi Trailer Shipping to Africa

One of the PANDA’s customers wanted to start a new field – transporting grain. At the time before, he had no relevant transport experience and did not know what kind of semi-trailer he should customize. The client found his old friend PANDA out of the trust based on years of cooperation.

tipper semi trailer

Based on the service experience and the road regulations of the country where the customer is located, PANDA has specially customized a rear dump semi-trailer for transporting grains. This semi-trailer is both strong and durable, while maximizing the weight of the customer’s single trip.

3 axle tipper semi trailer shipping to africa3

The client has carefully researched, talked about and confirmed this solution, and finally approved it. And purchased the first trial order from PANDA.

3 axle tipper semi trailer shipping to africa2

After production and delivery, the customer expressed high recognition for PANDA’s product quality, design capabilities and service experience after using this vehicle: “PANDA is indeed a trailer manufacturer with rich export experience!”