Part of Semi Tipper Trailer

Semi tipper trailers are widely used for the transportation of heavy materials, such as sand, gravel, and rocks, among others. These trailers come in different sizes and configurations, depending on the load capacity and type of cargo they are intended to carry. To operate these trailers safely and efficiently, it is essential to know the different parts that make up a semi tipper trailer. In this article, we will explore the various parts of a semi tipper trailer and their functions.

Part of Semi Tipper Trailer

Box of end dump trailer

The end dump trailer box is used to carry cargo. According to the different goods transported, the thickness of the box is also different. It is usually made of steel and is linked to a hydraulic system that leans back to unload the cargo.

Box of end dump trailer

Hydraulic system of semi tipper trailer

The hydraulic system is what distinguishes the semi tipper trailer from other semi trailers, it can lift the box when working to unload the cargo, the hydraulic system needs to be powered through the tractor. It is composed of hydraulic pump, hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic hose.

Hydraulic system of dump semi trailer

Chassis of semi tipper trailer

With high strength performance and complete steel chassis, its body was designed to a particular section that looks like an “i.” And it will not cause an uneven surface because robots conduct all the welding processes.

Chassis of semi tipper trailer

It can flexibly respond to the distortion and spring by reinforcing with a center sill. The connecting brackets on the chassis side beams will reduce stress by distributing the forces exerted by road conditions on the track group.

With solid road adaptability, it can operate on many worse road surfaces.

Chassis fittings of semi tipper trailer

Chassis fittings of semi tipper trailer

landing gear

The landing gears conform to the same standard, which is extensible and can be bolted from the bottom.

Leg of semi tipper trailer

A semi tipper trailer leg is a support device that is attached to the underside of the trailer to provide stability when it is detached from the tractor unit. It is also known as a landing gear or a trailer jack. The purpose of the trailer leg is to keep the trailer level and upright when it is not connected to the tractor, such as during loading or unloading operations.

landing gear of end dump trailer

Dump semi trailer kingpin

Conforms to the 94/20/EC instruction, and 2″ can be dismantled and installed from the bottom.

A kingpin is a component of a dump semi-trailer that connects it to the fifth wheel coupling on the tractor unit. It is a steel pin that is inserted into the fifth wheel and secured with a locking mechanism. The kingpin is attached to the front end of the dump semi-trailer and allows it to pivot and turn while being pulled by the tractor.

The kingpin is a critical component of the dump semi-trailer and must be properly sized and rated for the weight of the trailer and its cargo. It is important to ensure that the kingpin is securely locked into the fifth wheel coupling and that the locking mechanism is functioning properly before operating the trailer.

Axles of end dump trailer

The axles are the structural components that support the weight of the trailer and its cargo. Semi tipper trailers usually have 2/3/4/5/6 axles, depending on their size and capacity. Panda Mech end dump trailers’ axles are from famous brands of BPW and Fuwa, which are with quality assurance and longer service life.

axle of end dump trailer

Suspension of end dump trailer

Suspension is divided into mechanical suspension and air suspension, and can also be mixed-use. The suspension system connects the axles to the chassis and provides a smooth ride for the trailer and its cargo. It includes leaf springs, airbags, etc.

suspension of end dump trailer

Electric system of semi tipper trailer

The end dump trailer electrical lighting system is a significant part of traffic safety at night, and its lighting system meets the demand of EEC standards. The system consists of sidelights, a reflector, and a 2*7 pin socket set.

Painting and the surface protection of semi tipper trailer

The frame must be sandblasted and surface hardened with a fully automatic strapping system. Then comes two times the construction of epoxy resin primers, and after the last two sprays, the rll code is baking at 60 and 80 degrees, making the whole surface more durable, better protected, and more beautiful.



Some end dump trailers have tarps, depending on the cargo being transported, to protect the cargo from bad weather during transit.