18 Steps How to Operate semi tipper trailer?

If you are in the construction or transport industry, you will be familiar with the semi tipper trailer, which is mainly used for transporting sand, gravel, rock, and other construction materials. This is a highly efficient way which greatly increases the efficiency of transport. In the current guide, we will talk in detail about the various aspects of the semi tipper trailer.

How to operate semi tipper trailer?

Operating semi tipper trailer is a very simple thing, drive semi tipper trailer to a designated location, then use a bulldozer or other machinery to load the goods into semi tipper trailer, load it and transport it to the destination. Unloading then begins, through the control system, lifting the cylinder to unload the cargo.

The process is very simple, but we should pay attention to the following precautions and safety measures, otherwise, it can have serious consequences. Semi tipper trailers shall abide by the following rules to reduce risks, ensure the safety of oneself and others, and avoid receiving damage and injury.

  1. In the loading process, avoid the disconnection between the semi tipper trailer and the tractor in case the dump trailer tips over.
  2. The load must be distributed evenly to prevent the semi tipper trailer from tipping over while driving or unloading.
  3. Park the tipper semi trailer and tractor on level ground before unloading.
  4. The tractor and semi tipper trailer must be in-line.
  5. Make sure that the semi tipper trailer body will not hit anything when raised, such as power lines, trees, etc.
  6. If the tipper semi trailer is equipped with air suspension, remember to lower the suspension height first.
  7. Increasing the engine speed during unloading is unnecessary, and the process cannot be interrupted.
  8. Don’t gather all the goods at the end of semi tipper trailer in case of tipping over in the offloading process. Instead, of unloading while walking.
  9. Cargo accumulation at the end of semi tipper trailer can lead to lifting failure.
  10. The cylinder is not used for stabilization, but only for lifting and lowering. So it cannot receive lateral traction during the working process.
  11. The cylinder should not continue working for over 30 minutes.
  12. For safety’s sake, keep away from the semi tipper trailer as far as possible during operation to prevent accidents.
  13. The cylinder must be fully retracted after unloading.
  14. Remember to move the rollover lever to the neutral position finishing the offloading one minute later.
  15. Make sure the working pressure of the cylinder will not exceed the specified value.
  16. The engine oil should be changed every 6-9 months. The time interval should be shortened if it is used more frequently.
  17. Take these inspections into a daily routine: the hydraulic hose conditions, the connecting hose between the cylinder and the hydraulic system, the quick connector, and the cylinder support. In addition, lubricate the fulcrum and tighten the support bolts regularly.
  18. Following the above operation rules can effectively prevent danger as well as the longer life span of the tipper semi trailer.

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