Semi Tipper Trailer – Type Operate Spec Capacity Application

If you are in the construction or transport industry, you will be familiar with the semi tipper trailer, which is mainly used for transporting sand, gravel, rock, and other construction materials. This is a highly efficient way which greatly increases the efficiency of transport. In the current guide, we will talk in detail about the various aspects of the semi tipper trailer.

dump tipper semi trailer for sale

1. What is semi tipper trailer?

Semi tipper trailers have a hydraulic system that is powered by the tractor or a separate engine to lift the trailer bed and unload the load. We usually use them in the construction and transport industry. They are used to transport heavy loads of loose materials, such as sand, gravel, construction debris, etc. Semi tipper trailers are also known as dump semi trailers, which do not have any driving power of their own and need to be connected to a tractor in order to move.

The key point of tipper semi trailer is the hydraulic cylinder. When unloading the bulky goods, the lifting arm goes up and tilts the hopper by 45 degrees to make the goods slide down. Usually, the tipper trailer can carry 30-70 tons and these can be emptied within half an hour.

2. Type of semi tipper trailer

2.1 Rear Tipper

As you see, the rear tipper truck, or rear tipper semi trailer, unloads the goods through the rear door of the trailer. This unloading way is with narrow outlet but it can provide protection. Usually, rear tipper tractor trailers are used for transporting various construction materials such as rocks, sand, stones, or even coal.

When working, the hydraulic cylinder gives strength to lift the front part of the tipper, and the cargo will slide down spontaneously by gravity. According to the info we mentioned above, you don’t need to worry about scratching as the tipper is made of high-tensile Hardox steel. This unloading way is easier and can greatly save your laboring cost ( you don’t need to hire people for unloading).

It is worth noting that the rear tipper is a perfect semi trailer to carry goods with a large rest angle. The rear tipper is suitable for cargo with a large rest angle, so the maximum length is 12m. 

Rear Tipper semi trailer

2.2 Side Tipper

The side tipper is also common in the market. Similar to the rear tipper, it can also carry construction materials, but the side tipper allows you to unload the cargo by the side door. 

A hydraulic cylinder is installed on the other side to make the tipper unload by the side door. The reason why use this design is sometimes the construction materials might be too big to pass through the back door, the offloading area might be small, and the side tipper has a smaller rest angle. Side tipper trailer can help us load bigger and more goods. This is the unparalleled feature of this model.

Also, the steel plate is made of Hardox high-strength type, which prevents damages that may happen during the unloading process.

side tipper trailer
side tipper trailer

2.3 Container tipper trailer

The container tipper trailer is equipped with a hydraulic system that lifts and tilts the container for unloading cargo. The container tipper trailer is available in 20ft and 40ft to accommodate different container sizes and types.

20FT Tipping Chassis Trailer

2.4 Container flatbed trailer

The container flatbed trailer is also equipped with a hydraulic system that lifts and tilts the container for unloading cargo. With the difference container tipper trailer, the container flatbed trailer has a flatbed.

container flatbed trailer for sale

3. Types of Tilting Systems

3.1 Direct-Push Type

This is the most common way to unload the cargo. The mechanism is simple. Just push up the trailer and wait for the cargo to slide off. The bed plate on the trailer is equipped with a towing van, when finishing the unloading, it just uses the towing van to withdraw the tipper quickly and easily.

There is also a towing bar hinged to the sliding mechanism connected under the trailer’s bed. The bar is also linked by a connecting rod and the wheel, which makes it stabler. 

When the sliding hinge slides to the back, shape changes happen to the rod-frame-bed arrangement while the trailer continues to tip. 

Due to the reasonable design, you can lock the trailer in a designated position and the tipper can still be tilted back for the bed plate, then be at a higher horizontal level than in the running state.

The direct-push design can be fixed at the front, the rear, or the middle section, and the front push can be simple in structure and can give the operation a longer stroke.

4 axle 50 ton tipper dump semi trailer for sale

3.2 Link Rods Type

The link rod type has a more complex working mechanism but with higher working efficiency than the direct push type. Same to the direct push, it also supports the tipper upwards to offload the materials. The tow bar is connected to the tipper bed plate through many connection rods to slide to achieve the lifting process.

As the tipper continues rising, the rods adjust themselves to create a balance and uniform strength on the van to reduce the thrust. Then the hydraulic cylinder works efficiently as it rises. 

4 axle 50 ton tipper dump semi trailer for sale

4. Classification of Van Body Type

4.1 The Box Type

The box tipper semi trailer has a rectangular hopper and is simple in structure to bear hard and rough materials for your use. But the tow bar has been strengthened to support towing forces while working.

Also, to counteract the thrust forces, Panda designs the tow bar with better quality to ensure stable working performance during tipping. It can greatly improve driving safety.

The box type is the most ordinary model all over the world for its sturdy quality and high efficiency. Speaking of the sturdy, the front end of the tow bar is designed with a fastening with a coupling part, and there are 2 fixing points at least on the bar’s surface to help fix the bed plate by locking the trailer on the road or in other terrible road conditions.

6 axle tipping semi trailer

4.2 The U Type

The U-type tipper trailer is quite a pop star in Panda Mech’s catalog. Its’ feature is the shape of the tanker. As you can see in the picture below, this type of trailer has a bending on the corners, and this is to facilitate the unloading operation by improving the unloading speed. Also, it can unload bulky goods with no residue stuck in the corners. At present, it is the most efficient model in tipper semi trailer.

To enhance the wearing-resistant ability, the tanker plate is made of highly strengthened one-piece steel. This can prevent rupture or torsion in the working process and provide a longer service life.

The U-type tipper semi trailer is usually with lightweight but can transport large loads stably and quickly. The center of gravity of this semi is lower, which can guarantee safety in the driving process.

4 axle 50 ton tipper dump semi trailer for sale

How to operation semi tipper trailer?

Operating semi tipper trailer is a very simple thing, drive semi tipper trailer to a designated location, then use a bulldozer or other machinery to load the goods into semi tipper trailer, load it and transport it to the destination. Unloading then begins, through the control system, lifting the cylinder to unload the cargo. (More about how to operate semi tipper trailer)

Semi tipper trailer specification

Semi tipper trailers have many different capacities and dimensions. Panda Mech max semi tipper trailer capacity is 150 tons. Common semi tipper trailer capacities are 30 tons, 50 tons, and 80 tons.

30 Ton tipper trailer specification

Outer size10500×2500×4000mm (Outside)
Inner size10000×2300×2000mm (Inner)
Tare Weight9.5 T/tons
Max Payload20, 30 T/tons
Axle3 axle, FUWA or BPW brand
Axle Weight Load13/16 tons
Suspensionmechanical or air suspensions
King Pin50#/90#
Lifting systemHYVA 214-5-7130 hydraulic system
Main frame500 mm
Landing Leg support28 ton

50 Ton tipper trailer specification

Outer size10500×2500×4000mm (Outside)
Inner size10000×2300×2000mm (Inner)
Tare Weight11 T/tons
Max Payload50 T
Axle3/4 axle, FUWA or BPW brand
Axle Weight Load13/16 tons
Suspensionmechanical or air suspensions
King Pin50#/90#
Lifting systemHYVA 214-5-7130 hydraulic system
Main frame500 mm
Landing Leg support28 ton

5. Why Choose Panda Mech Tipper semi Trailers?

When buying a tipper truck trailer, there are four points your need to consider carefully: the specifications, the spare parts and materials’ quality, the safety, and the design.

The Panda Mech dump semi trailer is the one that can meet these requirements and help to complete your work efficiently.

As we all know, a dump truck trailer is usually used for transporting aggregates, sand, and asphalt… These rough and abrasive materials need a highly strengthened steel plate to prevent crush and torsion. For this we use Hardox steel with 500 HBW, such a design can also guarantee operation safety.

The flat floor under the round tanker helps lower the center of gravity, and this can also greatly increase the wearing-resistant ability as well as the driving safety.

Panda’s dump semi trailer loading capacity is usually from 30 to 80 tons. The whole structure has been designed to bear heavy loads and keep it stable while driving on terrible roads.

28cbm tipper trailer 9

6. Tipper semi Trailer Options to Consider in Different Applications

Now you have all the tips that need to be considered while purchasing, it is easier for you to choose the most suitable type to finish your transportation duty. Now you can choose rear tipper, side tipper, bottom tipper to transport efficiently according to your specific needs.

In Panda Mech’s tipper catalog, you can find loading capacity from lightweight 30 tons to heavy-duty 80 tons. Also, you can customize your tipper in dimensions or spare parts, and choose different tipping materials like carbon steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.

But please note that every model has its application range, and we will provide full services for you to help choose the most suitable configuration to ensure compatibility.

4 axle tipper semi trailer
4 axle tipper semi trailer

The Loading Capacity

If you are to load bigger or more loads, choosing the rear tipper is the best choice. It can provide a fast unloading speed with convenience to free manual operation. 

It is also suitable for two materials that are hard to handle, such as demotion debris. Due to the tough platform, structure, and tipper hopper, it can fight against harsh abrasion and crush.

The Appropriate Model

Before placing the order, there are two points that you need to know as thoroughly as possible. One is the dimension of your unloading space. This point determines the model you will choose. As we mentioned above, the side tipper trailer is good at offloading at smaller places while the rear tipper is more suitable at wider places. So be clear about the unloading space dimension before choosing the model. Also, if you are not sure which one is appropriate, welcome to contact us.

Another point is the size of your cargo. Though they are all debris, some are smaller. Under such conditions, rear tipper with U-shape is better for you. It can provide fast unloading thoroughly. But if the debris is larger and heavier, then choosing a side tipper can never be wrong. 

tipper semi trailer

The Stable Design

The hydraulic rams offer great power when dumping. This requires a higher-quality cylinder. Make sure the cylinder is from world-famous brands, such as HYVA used by Panda. This will give you a firm backup when dealing with a heavy-duty job.

The reason why we should choose such a cylinder is that it is stabler in holding up the tipper. As a result, it can guarantee a stable offloading process as well as the operators’ safety.

The rational trailer structure design is another thing you need to check carefully. These include the design and the welding seams. If possible, go to factory to check whether the trailer structure is compact enough and whether the welding seams are closely connected with no obvious juncture. As it were, these concerns the safety and life while you are on the road.

If It Is Made of High-tensile Material

In market, there is various steel and the quality is mixed. In that case, it is important to select the high-quality one.

The best steel is Hardox steel. Panda has used Hardox steel for tipper trailer manufacturing for over 10 years. The biggest advantage of this material is the high-strength texture. It can serve for over 7 years. With the polyurethane painting on, the whole tipper semi trailer will be free of rupture and torsion, neither corrosion nor rust.

55t dump trailer 7
55t dump trailer 7


In all, the design of our tipper semi trailer is in concert with the market demand. Its’ automatic offloading system facilitates your work. It is suitable for heavy-duty factories to greatly improve working efficiency. The spare parts, the materials, and the design of Panda’s tipper semi trailer are all sophisticated and superior, and welcome to contact us to further discuss the specification and price.


1. The semi tipper trailer cannot be rise

If the semi tipper trailer cannot be rise, we should check the following parts:

Check the force harvester: First, check whether the drive shaft connected to the oil pump rotates. If not, it indicates that there is a problem with this part of the force harvester.

Check the pump: Check whether the pump steering is correct and whether the pump is damaged.

Check the distribution valve: Check whether the gas pipe on the distribution valve is damaged or not.

2. Press the lift switch and the semi tipper trailer drops

Check to see if the solenoid valve that controls the lift is connected upside down.

Elimination method:

  • 1. Adjust the cable of the instrument panel lifting switch.
  • 2. Replace the solenoid valve line that controls the lift.
  • 3. Replace the two pipes of the distribution valve.
4axle 60t tipper 11

3. Can the Semi tipper trailer be used to transport liquids?

Semi tipper trailer cannot be used to transport liquids. It is generally used to transport sand, stones, and other items. If you need to transport the liquids, it is recommended that you use the fuel tanker trailer.

4. What is the maximum weight that the Semi tipper trailer can carry

Different semi tipper trailer manufacturers can provide different load capacities of the semi tipper trailer, Panda Mech can provide a maximum load of the semi tipper trailer is 150 tons. Payload is determined by design, dimension, etc.

5. Can the Semi tipper trailer be transported long distances?

Yes, the semi tipper trailer is a good choice for long-distance transportation.

6. How often should I check and maintain the semi tipper trailer

Every time we use semi tipper trailer, we should check the tires, braking system, oil cylinder, etc. In order to improve the service life of the semi tipper trailer, we have cleaned or maintained the trailer every time after use. It is also a good choice to maintain the trailer once every 15-30 days.