40 Ton Half Round End Dump Trailer



Model: 2 Axle 40 ton

Price Range: USD 12,000-25,000

Delivery date: 7-25 days

Application: transport Coal, ore, building materials

Tilt Angle: 45°

Hydraulic system: HYVA cylinder


Half round dump trailers as known as half round end dump trailers. The structure includes chassis, box, and lifting sys. Work by PTO supply oil to the cylinder, lifting box till to design angle, cargo slide out, improve unloading efficiency.

Widely used in sandstone plants, construction sites,s and mines, transport sand, gravel, earthwork, and mining.

40 Ton half round end dump truck trailers images

40 ton half round end dump trailers

40 ton half round end tipper semi-trailers

40 ton half round dump trailers manufacturer

40T half round end tipper truck trailers

40 ton half round end dump trailers for sale

40 ton half round end dump semi trailer for sale

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Tipper semi trailer video

40 Ton half round dump semi trailer feature


Hardox 450 or equal wear and abrasion-resistant material box, T700 high tension beam, tare weight lighter 2000kg than normal material tipper, longer service time and lower fuel consumption

U section box:

U model box design and analysis, larger section area with lower barycentre, load more and unloading easier, safely, and efficiently


Double web for main beam design, stronger for multi road condition


FC and FE model optional, higher operating pressure, help Max 45° tilt angle, reducing turnaround time with faster-ripping speed, increasing operating time with long service intervals


Improved design with better stress and fatigue resistance

Knock off:

Robust design precise actuation protect box working in safety angle

Tilt Shaft:

Heavy-duty design support working stable when tilting, more durable and safety

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40 Ton half round dump semi trailer specification

 Manufacturer  Panda Mech 2axle 25cbm 40ton half round dump truck trailer
 Capacity  25 cbm, 40ton
 Overall dimensions (mm)  8500*2500*3500 mm
 Body dimensions (mm)  8100*2400*1380 mm
 Material Steel
 Axle  2 axle
 Hydraulic system  HYVA hydraulic cylinder
 Cylinder  175, 191, 202, 214 / 4TG, 5TG
 Suspension  Mechanical suspension / Spring suspension
 Material  5mm or 6mm high strength steel
 Tire  12R 22.5 315/80 R22.5
 Accessories  One standard toolbox, one rocker handle, one Shaft wrench

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Panda Mech

Panda Mech is a 25 cbm 40 ton half-round dump trailer manufacturer from China. We supply 25 cbm 40 ton half-round dump trailers for sale. Panda Mech manufacturers have been successful in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and South America, such as the Philippines, Tanzania, C? te d’Ivoire, etc…

25cbm 40 ton half round dump trailer quotation


How long is a half round end dump trailer

The side dump trailer can generally be used for between 6 to 8 years, but when it is used, it must be maintained and checked frequently to ensure the normal use of the side dump trailer.

How do end dump trailers work?

The end dumping device can handle tricky goods, and the bottom dump keeps its fluidity. The high side end dump is first driven to flat and solid ground and then lifted by a hydraulic lifting rod to achieve the purpose of unloading.

Can I make money with a dump trailer

We use dump trailers to transport goods, so as to obtain expenses during transportation and earn money.

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How many yards is an end dump trailer

Steel end dump trailer length: 8.7-13.1 yard;

End dump trailer width: 2.7 yards;

End dump trailer height: 3.8 yards.

What does it cost to rent a dump trailer

If we want to rent an frameless dump trailer, we must sign a contract with the lessor, sign the price and time, to ensure the rights and interests of both of us, and when we have to rent, we must check to ensure that the vehicle is free.

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