20 40 45 FT Container Chassis



Type: 20 40 45 ft container chassis trailer

Price Range: $6,900-13,600

Delivery: 7-25 days

Application:  Transport Container

Twist-Lock: 4 To 12 Sets of Container Locks


Recently and friends in the chat always talk about the container chassis trailer; we all know that the container trailer is a relatively common transport container tool, the structure is relatively simple, practicality is relatively strong, but many people understand the fact is not much, today we come together for you to talk about.

As a container chassis supplier with 20 years of experience, PANDA has always been a world leader in the production process and invests many human and material resources in research, development, and production every year to update our equipment.

What is a container chassis?

Container chassis also called intermodal chassis or skeletal trailer; container chassis is a specially designed trailer frame that can transport sea containers between terminals, warehouses, and ports.
The container chassis structure is straightforward, with chasstiresyres, suspension, air chambers, legs, shields, toolboxes, lights, reflective strips, wiring, etc. With the advancement of technology, many container trailers are now also equipped with ABS, weight sensors, LED lights, and GPS tracking, which is a more straightforward way to move containers. The container trailer makes the transport of containers much more accessible and increases the efficiency of marine transportation.

They are generally used to transport ISO containers in port, shipyards, routes, bridges, tunnels, transfer stations systems, and support a multimodal transport logistics system.

20 FT two axle container skeletal truck trailer images

20FT container skeletal semi?trailer

20 ft container chassis

20FT container skeletal?trailer

20 ft container chassis

20Ftri-axle chassis trailer images

20FT 3axle container skeletal trailer

intermodal container chassis

20F shipping container chassis with 10ft lock image

20F container skeletal trailer with 10ft lock

container transport trailer for sale

40 Foot 2axle container carrier trailer image

2 axle 40ft container chassis trailers

2 axle container chassis trailer for sale

40Ft 3 axle container chassis trailer images

3axle 40ft skeletal semi trailer images

40 ft chassis for sale

40Ft 3axle skeletal semi trailer

40 ft container chassis for sale

4 Axle 40ft intermodal chassis for sale

4 Axle 40ft container skeletal semi trailer

container hauler trailer for sale – container chassis suppliers

45Ft container trailer image

45Ft container skeleton semi trailer

container hauling trailer – container tractor-trailer for sale

B double container trailer image

B double skeletal semi trailer

buy container trailer container carrier trailer

20 Ft ISO tank chassis trailer

gooseneck skeletal trailer

goose neck chassis

gooseneck skeletal trailer

gooseneck container chassis trailer

45 Ft RF chassis trailer

40ft gooseneck skeletal trailer

refrigerated container loading trailer

40ft gooseneck skeletal trailer

gooseneck container with chassis

Bomb cart trailer

bomb cart trailer

Container skeletal trailer video

Container chassis trailer specification

Dimensions 7500/12500/13950*2500*1550mm
Height 1550mm
Width 2500mm
SWeight 5600Kg
Main Beam “I” Section 500mm height Q345/T700 material
Twist Lock 4/8/12/14 set ISO Standard
Suspension Mechanical / Air / Bogie
Axle 2/3/4 axles BPW/FUWA/PDME etc
Rim 8/12/16 pieces 9.0-22.5 Steel/Aluminum
Tire 8/12/16 pieces 12R22.5 Bridgestone/Triangle/Linglong etc
Brake Valve WABCO
Brake Chamber 4/6sets T30/30
Air Tank 28L
Brake Pipe Nylon Wire Pipe
Landing Gear 28T Lifting JOST/YAHUA
Kingpin 2″(50mm)/3.5″(90mm) JOST Bolting Type
Lights 12v/24v LED Waterproof
Color Customized
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Container chassis Parts

Main beam:

High strength Q345 or T700 steel material welded by submerged arc

Twist Lock:

ISO standard lock suitable worldwide container, additional protection switch avoid mistake operate


JOST brand bolting type, changing between 2” or 3.5″ possible


BPW, FUWA, PD brands optional support longer working without maintenance


Famous brand tire optional, size customized


Quality steel or alu rim customized


Heavy-duty mechanical suspension with equalizers quality spring

Brake system:

Dual-line air brake system, T30/30 chamber and WABCO relay emergency valve,  ABS and EBS system optional

Brake Pipe:

Nylon wire pipe more safety for high-pressure  braking


Skeleton container trailer is generally used in ports, ships, roads, routes, bridges, tunnels, transfer stations, supporting multimodal transport logistics systems.

The container trailer is mainly used for medium and long-distance transportation and is generally used to transport containers. According to your needs, we provide 4 to 14 sets of locks.

What are the benefits of using a container chassis trailer for transporting containers?

The use of a container trailer greatly improves transport efficiency and saves economic costs.

1. Safer transport

The containers are firmly fixed to the container trailer, preventing the cargo from moving and ensuring the safety of the goods.

2. Simple and durable construction

The structure of the container trailer is simple and the overall steel frame material is robust and durable.

3. Suitable for many different transport requirements

The container trailer is available in many different types and can be used for a wide range of transport requirements.

4. Fast and timely transport

The container semi trailer can transport several containers at the same time, resulting in faster transport and quicker delivery, reducing the risk of costly delays in delivery.

5. Greater customer satisfaction

When the goods can be delivered to the customer faster and more safely, the customer will be more satisfied, which is conducive to further cooperation and long-term cooperation.

What are the most common types of container chassis?

There are four different types of container chassis, gooseneck container trailer, tilt container trailer, extended container chassis trailer.

The standard container trailer:

3 axle skeletal trailer

The simple, unchanged, fixed structure is used to transport containers from docks, warehouses, and ports, usually using cranes during the loading process, often for containers of 20ft, 40ft, and 45ft.

At the same time, the container chassis is very affordable and offers excellent value for money.

Gooseneck container chassis

40ft gooseneck skeletal trailer

The Gooseneck container chassis is a variant of the container chassis and is generally used in countries with limited height, mainly in terminals, ports, and roads.

Gooseneck container trailers are commonly available in 20ft, and 40ft versions and are generally used for transporting containers and ISO tanks.

Tilt container chassis

20 ft container skeleton tipper trailer

The tipping container chassis is suitable for transporting products that need to be moved slowly or tipping containers.

Extend container chassis

The Extend container chassis can transport containers of 40ft, 45ft, 48ft, and 53ft. Its telescopic beam system, which allows the chassis to extend 13ft from its closed position, provides different container sizes to be fitted on the same four locks.

Different container chassis models on the market

The common container chassis include 20ft, 40ft, 45ft, gooseneck skeletal trailer and tipping container trailer including 20ft and 40ft.

How to choose the right container chassis?

When choosing a container trailer, we usually first need to determine what we are transporting, what the road conditions are, whether there is a height and weight limit, and once we have determined these factors, please contact us directly and we will recommend the most suitable configuration for you to ensure that your needs are met successfully.

Reasons to buy a PANDA container chassis

  • 1. PANDA Mech has 20 years of experience in production and invests a lot of manpower and resources in research and development every year.
  • 2. Our container trailer have been exported to 100+ countries, mainly in Asia, Africa, Latin America and other regions.
  • 3. We have a complete pre-sales and after-sales service to ensure the safety of buying and using a vehicle.
  • 4. Each of our container trailer undergoes 200+ quality checks after production to ensure they meet quality standards.

How much does a container chassis cost?

The price of a container chassis depends on the model to be purchased, and the options we have to choose from include but are not limited to suspension, tyres, air chambers etc. Typically, container trailers cost between $6500-12500.

FAQ about container chassis

How big is the standard ISO container trailer

Standard ISO containers are 20ft and they need to be transported on ISO container chassis, mainly in countries with limited height.

How are the transport containers fixed to the chassis?

Each container chassis has locks on it and when we place the container on the container trailer, we need to secure the contaienr to the chassis using the locks to ensure that the container does not move during transport.

How heavy is a container chassis?

The weight of a container chassis varies from model to model.

20 Ft container chassis weight: 5000KG.

40′ container trailer weight: 5600KG.

Container trailer height from the ground: 1500mm.

What is the difference between a trailer and a chassis?

Trailer and chassis have basically the same purpose, they are divided into several different types including gooseneck skeletal trailer, container chassis, tipping container trailer, extend container trailer.

Can you use a 40 chassis for a 20 container?

The 40 chassis is normally used to load 1 40ft container and 2 20ft containers, we would have 10/12 sets of locks on the 40ft container trailer, so a 40ft chassis could be used to transport a 20ft container, but it would be more wasteful than using a 20ft container trailer. It would be more economical to use a 20ft container trailer.

Who provides container chassis?

PANDA Mech offers 20ft 40ft 45ft new container chassis for sale. We are a container trailer manufacturer from China.

Panda Mech manufacturers have been successful in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and South America, such as the Philippines, Tanzania, C? te d’Ivoire, etc…More about panda


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