Thress Axis Skeletal Trailer



Model: 3 Axle 40 Ft

Price Range: $6900-13000

Application:  Transport Container

Twist-Lock: 4 To 12 Sets of Container Locks


What is the skeletal trailer

Skeletal trailers as known as semiskel trailers & skeleton trailers. Skeletal container trailers are generally used for transporting ISO containers in ports, shipyards, routes, bridges, tunnels, transfer stations, and supporting multimodal transport logistics systems.

As a skeletal semi-trailer manufacturer, We supply trailer options for carrying 20/40/45 ft and other size containers. The skeletal trailer is mainly used for medium and long-distance transportation. According to your needs, we provide 4 to 14 sets of locks.

Skeletal container trailer video

Skeletal trailer feature

Main beam:

High strength Q345 or T700 steel material welded by submerged arc

Twist Lock:

ISO standard lock suitable worldwide container, additional protection switch avoid mistake operate


Heavy-duty mechanical suspension with equalizers quality spring

Brake system:

Dual-line air brake system, T30/30 chamber, and WABCO relay emergency valve,  ABS and EBS system optional

Brake Pipe:

Nylon wire pipes more safety for high-pressure braking

40Ft skeletal trailer chassis specifications

Dimensions 12500*2500*1550mm
Weight 5600Kg
Main Beam “I” Section 500mm height Q345/T700 material
Twist-Lock 4-12 set  ISO Standard
Suspension Mechanical / Air / Bogie
Axle 3 axles BPW/FUWA/PDME, double/single axle
Tire 8/12/16 pieces 12R22.5 Bridgestone/Triangle/Linglong etc
Brake Valve WABCO
Landing Gear 28T Lifting JOST/YAHUA
Kingpin 2″(50mm)/3.5″(90mm) JOST Bolting Type

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3 Axle 40ft skeletal trailer drawing

3 axles 40ft skeletal trailer drawing

3 axle 40ft skeleton semi trailer drawing

40 Ft skeletal trailer images

3axle skeletal trailer for sale

3 axle skeletal trailer for sale

3axle skeletal trailer for sale

40ft skeleton container trailer for sale

3axle skeletal trailer for sale

3 axle 40ft skeleton trailer

3 axle 40ft skeletal trailer for sale

skeleton semi trailer part details

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Transport of skeletal trailer

2/3/4 axles 20/40/45ft skeletal trailer transport

Panda Mech

Panda Mech is a 40ft skeletal trailer manufacturer from China. We supply a 40ft skeletal semi-trailer for sale. Panda Mech manufacturers have been successful in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and South America, such as the Philippines, Tanzania, etc…More about panda


Skeletal trailer price

20Ft skeletal trailer price: $6800-$8000;

3 axle 40Ft container chassis trailer price: 00-00;

45Ft skeletal container trailer price: $8000-$9800.

Skeletal trailer dimensions

20Ft skeletal trailer dimensions: 7500*2500*1550mm

40 Foot skeleton trailer dimensions: 12500*2500*1550mm

45 Feet skeletal trailer dimensions: 13950*2500*1550mm

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