4 Axle Shipping Chassis Trailer



Type: 45 feet container chassis trailer for sale

Price Range: $8,400-15,600

Delivery: 7-25 days

Application: transport container

Load capacity: 27 ton*Number of containers


Container chassis trailer has to deal with a bunch of deals, so the box liners are with rational design to handle the largest weight. Nowadays with the advancement of technology, there are many intelligent functions that can be installed onto the chassis, which greatly improves the levels of efficiency.

3 axle Container chassis trailer video

Container chassis trailer feature

Flexible: Container chassis can be made expandable, which allows more flexibility when transporting containers.
Practical: the rear of the container and the rear of the container chassis are flush with each other, no protrusions, reducing driving difficulties
Simple: The overall structure is simple, but the design is individually strengthened at several stress points to enhance the practical life

4 Axle shipping container chassis specifications

Dimension 12500*2500*1550mm
Weight 6000Kg
Main Beam “I” Section 500mm height Q345/T700 material
Twist-Lock 4/8 set ISO Standard
Suspension Mechanical / Air / Bogie
Axle 4 axles BPW/FUWA/PDME etc
Rim 8/12 pieces 9.0-22.5 Steel/Aluminum
Tire 8/12 pieces 12R22.5 Bridgestone/Triangle/Linglong etc
Brake Valve WABCO
Kingpin 2″(50mm)/3.5″(90mm) JOST Bolting Type

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4 Axle shipping container chassis images

4 axle 40 feet shipping container chassis for sale

flour axle 40ft shipping chassis semi truck trailers for sale

Transport of shipping container chassis

2/3/4 axles 20/40/45ft container carrier trailer transport

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Panda Mech

Panda Mech is a 4 axle container chassis manufacturer from China. We supply 4 axle container carrier trailers for sale. Panda Mech manufacturers have been successful in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and South America, such as the Philippines, Tanzania, etc…More about panda

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