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How to unload and load cement tanker?

After we purchased the cement tanker, we need to know how to use it. Then Panda introduces some of the unloading and loading in detail, hoping to help everyone.

1) What is a cement tanker?

Cement tanker as known as a pneumatic dry bulk trailer, powder tanker, bulk trailer. 

Cement Bulker used for transporting cement, lime, sand, and kinds of diameter ≤ 0.1mm bulk powder materials.

Panda dry bulk trailer capacity: 28 to 120 tons, volume: 22 to 100 cbm.


2) How to loading cement tanker?

1. Before loading cement on the cement trailer, we must first open the exhaust valve to ensure that the air in the tank has been removed to prevent accidents.

2. Then we should open the manhole cover, place the filter, and then load cement or other dry powder materials with a diameter of not more than 0.1mm through the manhole cover.

3. After loading, wipe off the cement on the sealing ring, and then close the manhole cover tightly.

4. In the end, the exhaust valve should be closed, and check that the butterfly valve discharge valve is closed, so as to avoid loss during transportation.


3) How does the cement tanker work?

The working principle of cement Tankers is to use the power of the trailer itself to operate the air compressor, and then the compressed air is transported through the pipeline to the air chamber below the sealed tank so that the particles inside can be suspended. When the pressure inside the tank reaches a certain value, the discharge valve can be opened at this time, so that the material inside can be transported through the pipeline.


4) How to unload the cement tanker trailer safely?

unload cement bulker

unload cement bulker

1、First, the discharge pipe should be connected first. When the discharge pipe is connected, the seal ring should be closed; the inlet and outlet valves of the front and rear air chambers should be opened first, then the valves are closed: the pressure relief ball valve, External air source ball valve, secondary air ball valve, discharge butterfly valve.


2、Start the engine, be sure to start smoothly, then the air compressor starts smoothly, gradually increase the throttle, so that the air compressor can reach the rated speed, thus inflating the tank.


3、When the pressure rises to 0.15Mpa, the secondary air ball valve is opened to clear the discharge pipe, and it is determined that the discharge pipe is not blocked, and the secondary air ball valve can be closed.


4、When the pressure is 0.2Mpa, the discharge butterfly valve should be opened to start unloading.


5、Then close the front air chamber into the balloon valve, only let the rear air chamber intake, and then observe the pressure gauge. If the pressure gauge rises, it means that it is not unloaded. When the pressure rises to 0.02Mpa, the pressure will not drop at this time.


It shows that the rear part has been unloaded. If the pressure value does not rise, it also indicates that the rear part has been unloaded. When it is determined that the rear part is unloaded, the front air chamber is then opened into the balloon valve. The same principle is the same as the rear air chamber.


7、The final step is to confirm that there is no residual material in the front and rear air chambers, then the engine can be shut down, the air compressor can be closed, the pressure relief ball valve can be opened, the discharge butterfly valve can be closed, the unloading quick joint can be removed, and then the hose can be taken down. Put it back in the car, which completes the unloading work.


5) How to clean the cement tanker?

Cement Tanker generally does not need to be cleaned, because the powder we pull can be unloaded when it is unloaded. If there is a small amount of residue, it is harmless, no problem. If it is generally cleaned, it can be cleaned directly with water. It is very simple. Generally, the driver will go to clean the tanker.

There are very few companies on the market that are cleaning tankers. They usually clean themselves up, and few people spend money.

Ok, today's How to loading, unloading  Cement Tankers is over here. If you have any questions in this regard, you can always contact us. If you want to buy our products, you can email us directly or leave a message.


6) Cement tanker for sale

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