How to maintain truck tires?

Video-How to maintain truck tires

Eighty percent of the tire problems in daily driving come from the side of the tire.Scar tire side, compared with tread, tread side not only thinner thickness, not enough steel wire to adhere to, so relatively fragile, usually more attention should be paid to maintenance.

In order to guarantee the long service life of tires,we must do the following things!

1.Correct tire pressure

The tire pressure value is marked on each tire. The standard tire pressure is about 2.2-2.6 bar. You can inflate the tire according to the regulations of the car factory.High or low tire pressure can lead to increased surface wear and even a flat tire.Generally speaking, the tire pressure can be slightly lower in summer and slightly higher in winter.

It is important to note that the tire pressure on the same shaft must be consistent.If you measure the tire pressure yourself, the best time to measure the tire pressure is when you get up in the morning and before starting the vehicle, because the tire will completely cool down after 4 hours of driving, when the data is the most accurate.

2.The tire changes regularly

change tire

Due to the different action and load of each axle, the wear of each tire is also different. In order to extend the service life of the tire, the tire is changed regularly, so that the wear of each tire is even.

3.Keep your tires clean

In the ordinary driving, must clean up in time the foreign body that attaches on the tire, reduce the unnecessary injury of the tire thereby.However, if you encounter sharp objects such as nails, it is recommended to the professional repair shop for cleaning.

The truck tire is the most basic member of the truck components, and it is hard for the truck driver to step on all kinds of road surface. Therefore, we should carry out good test and maintenance on the tires before, during and after arriving at the destination

Tires are the only moving parts that touch the ground. They are unremarkable and often dirty, but poor maintenance is a potential hazard.The service life of the tire depends on the road condition, short is 50, 60 thousand kilometers, long is 200 thousand kilometers, truck tire, the model of bearing hardships and enduring hard work, is the representative of bearing humiliation.