How many bags of cement can a trailer carry?

If a bag of cement is 50kg, a cement bulker trailer can transport 50-240 bags of cement, which is the same as the amount a flatbed trailer can transport while the road conditions is good..

How many bags of cement can a trailer carry?
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Why use cement trailers to transport cement?

With the development of the economy, urban construction in many places gradually developed, and the demand for cement became larger and larger, making the transportation of cement more important. Transportation speed, mid-way loss, and extreme weather are problems that need to be solved. The invention of the cement bulker trailer is a good solution.

The cement bulker trailer was invented in 1953, and the inventor is John from America. The first cement bulker trailer is small and not very practical in use. Later, Germans improved the cement bulker trailer, which replaced the traditional transportation method step by step.

You may notice that cement was transported in bags before. The bagged cement are all loaded on the flatbed semi trailer, or other means of transportation (Flatbed semi trailer and side wall trailer are used mostly).

Why use cement trailers to transport cement?

However, when using flatbed semi trailer to transport cement, there will be problems once it rains or snows, the cement will become damp easily. Especially in long-distance transportation, it is influenced by road conditions and weather easily. For some terrible road conditions in Africa, the loss of cement in transportation is also very big, which is a trouble to deal with.

Using cement bulker trailers in transportation can solve these problems (what is a bulk cement tank trailer), first, cement is loaded in tanker directly, then the tanker is sealed by manhole cover. In this way, the cement transportation will not be affected by bad weather or bad road conditions and there will be no loss during transportation.

Why use cement trailers to transport cement?

Another advantage is cement bulker trailers can improve work effect and save cost. If we use flatbed semi trailer to transport cement, we need to load bags of cement by forklift and then onto flatbed trailers, which requires more labor cost and time cost than loading of cement bulker trailer.

When loading cement into bulker trailer in warehouse, just open the manhole cover on top of the tanker, then cement will be loaded directly. This can be automated and save a lot of labor costs.

Why use cement trailers to transport cement?
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Besides, price of bulk cement is lower than that of bagged cement, generally almost 20% lower. It can save money for the cement buyer.

What are the characteristics of bulk cement?

  • (1) Commonly cement is transported directly from the manufacturer to the customer, sometimes through a transfer station and then to the customer. Bulk cement does not need paper bags or other materials in small packages, but generally it needs special transportation tools, such as special vehicles, ships, containers, and bags. Cement is stored in its natural state.
  • (2) Bulk cement is basically mechanized or automated without requiring a lot of manual labor, in the process of discharging, measuring, loading and unloading.
  • (3) Bulk cement is basically sealed in the container during the transportation, and is not affected by bad conditions such as strong wind and heavy rain. No matter how many times it is delivered, the quality of bulk cement is more stable and the storage time is longer than that of the bagged cement produced at the same time.
  • (4) The cost of bulk cement is about 20% lower than that of bagged cement.

How to choose the specification and capacity of cement trailers?

When we choose cement bulker trailers, we need to focus on the capacity, service life, specifications, road conditions and use scenarios.

Capacity is the first we need to consider, which is determined by quantity and distance we transport each time, as well as the weight limit of government. If large quantity of cement need to be transported, it is better to choose a larger capacity and stronger powder tanker to make sure it can complete the job.

How to choose the size and capacity of cement trailers?

Also, the local road condition is a very important factor to consider. If the road conditions is relatively good, generally there is no problem; if the road conditions is relatively poor, better configuration is needed to complete the work.

Besides, service life is a very important. Usually, the cement bulker trailers work quite frequently, and we need to pay attention to  durability requirements.

When choosing a cement bulker, just let us know your requirements and we will recommend the most suitable one for you. we can provide 25/30/40/50/…. .120 ton cement bulker trailers.

Why bulk cement truck trailer is V-shaped?

Cement bulker trailers are usually v-shaped. The advantage of the v-shape design is that it allows better unloading of powdered materials and easier flow.

50cbm cement bulker

Inclined bottom of the V-shaped cement bulker trailer helps cement move downward by gravity at an angle, and then the air compressor adds pressure to the tanker. So the cement can be discharged better.

The common shapes of cement bulker trailers are V-shaped, w-shaped and silo type, among which V-shaped is the most common and the most convenient to use.

What are the common v-type cement trailers?

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55 ton cement trailer for sale
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