Panda Mech Visiting UAE Customers

Event: Visiting UAE customers

As a professional semi trailer manufacturer, our perfect after-sales service is an eternal promise to customers. Besides pre-sales and in-sale services, we also provide customers with a complete after-sales service, which is our permanent guarantee for customers. We teach our customers how to use, operate, repair and maintain the semi trailer and and parts better. When we visit customers, we will also help our customers and give them some useful suggestions when they encounter problems in use.

This time we arrived in the UAE, a place that is said to be full of luxury cars. We aim to visit our customers, help them to use the cement bulkers better, discuss with customers about the problems in use and give them professional advice.

Our engineer came to the working site of the cement bulker, and explained how to load and unload, introduced some precautions in the use of the cement bulker, suggested our customers how to extend the service life of the cement bulker and parts to help users to provide suitable maintenance of the cement bulker.

At that time, one of our cement bulkers is so happened to be in front of the Burj Khalifa Tower, the tallest building in the world. Below is a photo of our cement bulker and Burj Khalifa Tower.

Visiting UAE Customers

The Burj Khalifa Tower, formerly known as Dubai Tower. It is the world’s tallest building and man-made structure until 2014.

The Burj Khalifa Tower is 828 meters high, with 162 floors. And the cost of this building is US$1.5 billion. The construction of the building itself costs at least US$1 billion, not including the construction costs of the large shopping malls, lakes and shorter towers. The Burj Khalifa Tower used 330,000 cubic meters of concrete, 62,000 tons of reinforced steel bars, and 142,000 square meters of glass totally.

The World Records of Burj Khalifa Tower:

1. The tallest building in the world-828 meters in height.

2. The world’s highest independent structure-At The Top SKY observation deck with a height of 553.33 meters.

3. The highest floor in the world-160th floor.

4. The world’s highest outdoor viewing platform- the viewing platform on the 124th floor.

5. The world’s tallest passenger elevator-504 meters.

6. The highest swimming pool in the world-270 meters (located on the 76th floor of Burj Khalifa Tower).

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