How long is a fuel tank trailer?

How long is a fuel tank trailer?

The length of the fuel tank trailer is between 11000mm and 15000mm, and the life of the fuel tank trailer is about 6 years, so it needs to be replaced. If the maintenance is better, it can be used for a longer time.

fuel tanker trailer

Fuel tank trailers come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. While there are many sizes, some adhere to standards set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which supplies typical tanker sizes that are considered safe.

We provide various fuel tank trailers for sale. According to your different use, we can provide you with suggestions based on your different user needs.


How tall is a fuel tank trailer?

A tanker trailer height: 1450-1800mm, 4.7-5.9 feet. If your country has a high level of requirements, we can customize it according to your needs.


How many gallons does a semi truck hold?

A semi truck can hold 8000-16000 gallons.

A typical oil tanker semi-trailer has a length of 42.64 feet, a width of 8.2 feet and a depth of 12.14 feet. Tanker thickness is typically around 0.195 inches. These are ISO-compliant dimensions.


Tanker truck

(Panda) tankers trucks typically have a length of 40.51 feet, a width of 8.20 feet and a depth of 12.30 feet. These tanker trucks typically have a tank volume between 24000 Liters-60000 Liters. These dimensions are also ISO-compliant.


Water Tanker Truck

Water tanker trucks typically have a length of 19.35-34 feet, a width of 7.6-8.2 feet and a depth of 7.54-12.47 feet. The tank volume is usually less than 1,320-8000 gallons. These dimensions are also ISO-certified.


Low Bed Trailer

Low bed trailers typically have a length of 42 feet, a width of 9.84 feet and a depth of 5.08 feet. The tank max payload is 100t. These dimensions are also ISO-certified.


Other fuel tank trailer:

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45000 liters fuel tank trailer
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30000 liters fuel tanker
38000 Liters Tank Trailer
38000 liters oil tank trailer

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