Fuel Tanker Trailer Transport to Gambia

This year marks a Gambia customer’s third purchase of a Panda Mech fuel tanker trailer. Previously, they acquired a 50 ton cement tanker, primarily used for transporting excavators and heavy machinery. The recent acquisition of 3 fuel tanker trailers signifies an expansion into new business ventures.

45000 liters fuel tank trailer for sale in Gambia

45000 liters fuel tank trailer for sale in Gambia

To cater to the customer’s specific requirements, Panda Mech has customized a 45,000-liter fuel transport trailer with 5 compartments, enabling the transport of three different liquids. Panda Mech offers the flexibility to customize various tanker trailers, including their style and color, based on individual customer needs.

Transporting each liquid in separate tankers can be costlier and less efficient. Trailers with multiple compartments allow for the simultaneous transportation of different grades of gasoline, streamlining operations for service stations.

During uphill journeys, the liquid inside a 45,000-liter fuel tanker trailer may sway in various directions. To mitigate this, Panda Mech integrates an anti-wave board inside the tank, ensuring stability and safety by preventing excessive movement.

45000 liters fuel transport trailer for sale in Gambia

45000 liters fuel tank trailer for sale in Gambia

These specialized 45,000-liter fuel tanker trailers facilitate the simultaneous transport of diverse liquids, reducing transportation costs and fuel savings, as all products can be delivered in a single trip.

Before painting, the 45,000-liter fuel tanker trailers undergo multiple rounds of sandblasting to eliminate rust. They receive layers of anti-rust paint, primer, topcoat, and three layers of paint, ensuring a durable finish lasting up to 5-10 years.