Dump Trailer Vs Dump Truck: How Choose

Dump trailers and dump trucks are both important parts of the transportation industry and are commonly used in construction, agriculture and mining. The materials they transport are partly the same, but there are a lot of differences.

What Is a Dump Trailer?

The Dump trailer is a trailer designed to be towed by a tractor, usually a pickup truck, that is not powered by itself and can be detached from the pickup truck at any time. It is small in size and capacity. We often use dump trailers in agriculture.

what is dump trailer

What Is a Dump Truck?

The dump truck has its own engine and can move by itself without the need to link to another tractor. It can lift the bed by itself to unload the cargo. In general, a dump truck can transport 13,000 to 15,000 pounds or 6.5 to 7.5 tons.

what is dump truck

Maybe you want to know end dump trailer

Panda Mech supply end dump semi trailer for sale. End dump trailers can carry up to 150 tons, common end dump trailer capacity is 40ton, 50ton, 60ton, and 80 tons. An end dump trailer is usually used to transport stones, sand, gravel, etc.

25cbm dump trailer

Advantages and disadvantages

Dump trailer


  • Versatility – can be detached and used for other purposes.
  • Maneuverability – smaller and easier to park and back up.
  • Affordability – generally less expensive than dump trucks.


  • Weight Limitations – not suitable for heavy loads.
  • Capacity Limitations – not as suitable for hauling large amounts of material.

Dump truck


  • Weight Capacity – can haul heavier loads.
  • Volume Capacity – can haul larger amounts of material.
  • Functionality – specifically designed for hauling and dumping materials.


  • Maneuverability – larger and may be difficult to park and navigate in tight spaces.
  • Cost – generally more expensive than dump trailers.


Dump trailers are more maneuverable than dump trucks because they are not as long and do not have as many axles. They are also easier to back up when backing up, and they can be removed from the tractor at any time and moved by hand.

Design Differences

Dump trailer is split type, it needs to be connected to the tractor separately to work, Dump trailer is an integrated type, it provides its own power to complete the transportation.

Capacity difference

Dump trailer has smaller capacity compared to dump truck because they are smaller, shorter and lower in height, Dump truck is designed to transport more goods for short distance, if it is long distance, we usually choose semi tipper trailer.

Parking space

Dump trailer itself is smaller in size, so it only needs a small area to park, while the dump truck usually needs more space to park.


Dump trailers are more versatile than dump trucks because they can be disassembled from the tractor and used for other purposes. Moreover, its sides are removable, and when disassembly is completed, it can be used as a flatbed trailer to transport other equipment.

Unloading function

Dump trailer and dump truck are similar in the unloading function, and the tractor provides the force to lift the hydraulic system to unload the cargo and dump the items.


Dump truck requires more maintenance than dump trailer because they have more parts. dump truck has a more complex structure and the engine only needs to be serviced every once in a while to ensure it works properly.

Dump trailer or dump truck, how to choose

Before considering whether to buy a dump trailer or dump truck, we need to consider several factors:

  • 1. transport distance
  • 2. transporting goods
  • 3. transport weight
  • 4. location of use

Transportation distance

If your transport distance is long, we recommend using dump truck, which is safer and faster.

Transporting goods

If you are transporting construction materials such as stones, sand, etc., we recommend using dump truck; if you are transporting light materials, farm crops, etc., we recommend using dump trailer.

Transporting weight

If you are transporting more than 3 tons of cargo at a time, we recommend using dump truck, otherwise, we recommend using dump trailer.

Place of use

If you are using it on a farm, dump trailer is recommended, if you are using it in a mine or construction site, dump truck is recommended.

A better choice?

If you want to transport long distances and a lot of goods, weighing more than 10 tons, we recommend you to use a 40-150 ton end dump trailer.

A simpler way

If you still don’t know how to choose after reading the comparison between dump trailer and dump truck, then we suggest you contact us directly and tell us your application, and we will recommend the most reasonable model and configuration for you.


Both dump trailer and dump truck have their own advantages and disadvantages, and there are many differences between them, including capacity, design, function, maintenance, etc. How to choose them depends on your needs.