Container Side Loader Trailer Specification Dimension Length Width

Today, we will discuss container side loader specifications for the specific dimensions and capacity. We will all be detailed in the article; take a look.

1. Container side loader images

container side laoder

20ft side loader truck trailer for sale

40ft container side loader trailer

40ft side loader trailer for sale

container side laoder

45ft side loader trailer

2. Container side loader specification

BrandPANDA Mech
Maximum lifting weight 37 tons
Capacity Loading 20 feet containerload 40ft containerload 45ft container
Suspension Mechanical / suspension
Axle3 axle
Material High strength steel
Crake WABCO emergency valve
King pin 2/3.5 feet
Landing gear Jost
Power source Power take-off/diesel APU
Operation mode Wireless remote control and manual operation

The PANDA Mech trailer range is expertly designed to handle a variety of container sizes, including 20ft, 40ft, and 45ft units, catering to a wide spectrum of shipping and storage needs. With a formidable maximum lifting capacity of 37 tons, these trailers are engineered to be powerful and reliable. The trailers are meticulously crafted using high-strength steel, ensuring durability and stability during transit. The dimensions of the trailers vary based on the container size it is built to carry, ranging from 12500*2500*4000mm to 15200*2500*4000mm.

The trailers showcase innovation with two operational modes – a modern wireless remote control system and a manual operation mode, enhancing usability and offering convenience to the operators. Safety is a top priority with incorporating a WABCO emergency valve in the braking system, promising secure halts during emergencies.

3. Container side loader dimension

20Ft side loader trailer dimensions: 12500*2500*4000mm.

40Ft container side lifter dimensions: 14200*2500*4200mm.

45Ft side lifter trailer dimensions: 15200*2500*4000mm.

4. Container side loader length

20Ft side loader container length: 12500mm, 492‘’, 41′.

40Ft side loader container truck length: 14200mm, 559”, 46.5ft.

45Ft side lifter container trailer length: 15200mm, 598”,49.8 foot.

4.1. Container side loader width

20 40 45ft side loader width: 2500mm, 98 inch, 8.2 ft

5. Container side loader tire

Side load trailer can be 12R/22.5, 295/75R22.5, 285/75R24.5, 225/70R19.5, and 385/65R22.5. We use different tires for different road conditions.

6. Container side loader capacity

20Ft container side loader trailer capacity: 37ton;

40Ft side loader truck capacity: 37ton;

45Ft container side lifter capacity: 37ton;

7. Container side loader transport:

20 ft container side loader trailer: 10/20 ft container.

40 ft container side lifter truck: 10/20/40 ft container.

8. Container side loader suspension

Side lifter trailers have mechanical suspension and air suspension. In countries with good road conditions, we recommend using mechanical suspension. If the road conditions are not good, it is better to use air suspension.

9. Container side loader material

Unlike the cement bulker and fuel tanker trailer, the container side loader does not have aluminum alloy material. Although the aluminum alloy material is lighter, the weight of the container plus the weight of the side loader container trailer, even if we use high-strength steel, there will be no overweight problem.

Today, about container side loader specification to the end here, maybe there are some I missed, or there are some other issues you want to know, please feel free to contact us.