Best Quality 3 Axle 45kl Fuel Tank Trailers Shipped to Sudan

Sudan is famous for its abundant oil resources, which brings along the developed fuel transportation. This customer from Sudan wanted to start his new business right now. Long before he heard that China has cheap fuel tanker trailers of high quality, so he found us and intended to order 50 oil tankers from China. Soon our sales manager contacted the Sudan customer, and he gave us many details like materials, weight requirements, local policies, and even road conditions. 

fuel tanker trailer 45kl 3 axles

3 axle oil tanker trailers for sale in Sudan

His business mainly focuses on petroleum transportation, and the load capacity he needs is 45kl, which is perfectly suitable for our 45kl tank trailer. 

Generally speaking, this tanker trailer is designed with 3 axles. Also, this phase can be customized. If necessary, we can design 2 or 4 axles to fit different applications.

fuel tanker trailer 45kl 3 axles

3 axle oil tank trailer for sale in Sudan

The advantages of the 3 axles 45kl fuel tank trailer:

  1. The whole tank body is built of Hardox steel. As one of the most famous and sturdy steels around the world, Hardox steel gives a better performance in wearing resistance, high-pressure defense, and a high level of impermeability. These three factors help to build a stable and safe transportation process.
  2. The tank body is painted with Japanese two-component polyurethane material, which can protect the Hardox steel from acid, impact force, and water corrosion to longer the semi trailer’s services for more than 7 years.
  3. Air suspension system available for the 45kl semi tanker. Two suspension models deal with different road conditions and purchasing budgets. The traditional suspension can be cheaper but with a worse damping ability. The air suspension has a better shock absorption to give you a comfortable driving ability and also protect the tanker.
  4. The main beam and cross beams have been thickened. They are also made of Hardox steel to guarantee the whole semi trailer bed’s stable structure. The robust main beam and row of cross beams increase the ability to be against torsion and pressure while driving on the road.
fuel tank trailer air suspension in Sudan near me

45000 liters petrol tank trailer air suspension Sudan

Finally, the Sudan customer chose air suspension and placed the order simultaneously. Now the 50 fuel tank trailers are ready at the port. When they arrive, we will provide him with a series of training and 7/24 after-sale services. That’s the best we can do for people who support our brand and fuel tankers.