Best Price 85 Ton Cement Bulker Trailers Shipped to Oman

Today 36 cement bulker have been packed up and ready to go to Oman, a country that had developed cement manufacturing. Our Oman friend heard about our brand from his friend and soon ordered 36 cement tankers of 85 tons, 3 axles. This time, the Oman customer requires air suspensions for all the cement bulkers, which is obviously a wise decision.

85 ton cement bulker tanker truck trailers for sale

85 ton cement bulker for sale in Oman

Usually, the semi trailer manufacturers apply mechanical suspension systems. But referring to tankers, air suspension is better. For one thing, the air suspension can improve the damping ability of the trailer, which protects your cargo as well as your driving experience. For another, this damping ability can reduce wearing on the cement trailer‘s bed and beams, then to guarantee the whole structure is stable, and finally prolong the service life for more than 7 years.

85t cement bulker semi trailer for sale near me

Oman cement bulker air compressor

As we can see, the volume of this truck bulker is more significant than usual, so the unloading system has been strengthened. You can check the Weichai diesel engine and air compressor on the front. They work together to offer powerful force to improve the unloading speed. Generally speaking, the unloading efficiency can be 1.5t/min, and the pressure can be 0.2mpa.

85 ton cement bulker truck air compressor

85 ton cement trailer for sale in Oman

As for spare parts like axles, circuits, pipelines, and valves, we use world-leading brands to guarantee stable performance. The customer had asked for the configuration sheet and confirm the details, and soon the orders were placed.

85 ton cement bulker truck safety valve

85 ton cement bulker for sale near me

Particularly, the painting of the cement trailer is of Japanese two-component polyurethane. The most significant advantage of this is the long-lasting feature to protect the steel from rust, corrosion and scratch.

Therefore, to protect the painting, we covered a water-proof cloth while in maritime transportation to Oman. For such details, Panda will always do its best.