50 Diesel Tankers Ordered By Côte d’Ivoire Customer

  • Long before 2010, Mr. David from Côte d’Ivoire threw himself into local transportation industry. Walking through the bottleneck period and getting back to the boom, he never lost the passion to it.

To be a good transporter must first know semi trailers well. When asked about why he chose Panda Mech, Mr. David had a lot to say. “I ordered my first batch of diesel tanker from China Panda before. Time proves that it has the best quality, low maintenance rate, and cheap price. Also the operation is convenient and safe, so when I need tankers again, Panda is my first choice.”

diesel tanker

Also, before placing the order, we invited Mr. David from Côte d’Ivoire to visit our factory. The normative production process and advanced techniques tell the difference between the powerful company and the inferior factory. So after the visiting he signed the contracted without any hesitation.

diesel fuel tanker for cote

In the production period, another Côte d’Ivoire cutomer bought 35 fuel tankers from Panda sent us the feedback. Being used for several months, the customer approved the performance and sturdy structure, which is much better than other diesel tanker manufacturers. This helpful message made Mr. David felt assured.

panda mech diesel tanker

Choosing the diesel tanker is just like choosing your partner, which plays an vital part in your future development. Thanks for all the customers’ trust to us and hope our cooperation will boost your business.

fuel tanker Panda Mech