40ft 2 Axles Bomb Cart Semi Trailer Shipped to UAE

With the improvement of foreign trade, there is a surging demand for heavy-duty transportation at the port, especially in UAE. So since 2002, Panda has provided a series of bomb cart semi trailers for carrying cargo on ports.


40ft 2 Axles Bomb Cart Semi Trailer for Sale in UAE

In July, a customer from UAE found us and wanted to order a batch of terminal trailers. He aimed to transport 20ft containers on terminals with high efficiency and more extended durability. Then we recommended the 40ft 2 axles terminal semi trailers which are of better working performance and cheaper price.

bomb cart trailers to uae
bomb cart trailers to uae

40ft 2 Axles Bomb Cart Trailer for Sale in UAE

The 40ft yard chassis can carry a 40 feet container or two 20ft containers. Both two types are the most common types of port delivery work. Therefore, the 40ft model is also a superstar among all the port trailer models in UAE.

The 40ft terminal trailer is with two axles. Such design can provide a stable driving experience, better control, and guarantee driving safety. What’s more, compared to the 3 axles port semi trailer, this one is cheaper to save you cost. We also apply the world-famous BPW axles to strengthen the structure and quality, so it doesn’t need frequent maintenance, which also saves your cost.


40ft 2 Axles Bomb Cart Trailer manufacturer from China

The production time of these 35 yard chassis lasted for 1 months with 4 production lines working at the same time. Now they are ready to ship to UAE. Updated by our engineer, the whole structure, especially the beams under the trailers’ bed, has been reinforced through the welding technique and thickness of the main shaft, and the number of cross beams. Panda Mechanical has more than 20-year experience in R&D and we will try our best to design the most detailed semi trailers.