3 Axle 45KL Fuel Tank Trailer Shipped to Tanzania

Different from bulk cargo transportation, the delivery of oils should be conducted with high caution. This requires the tankers to be impermeable, high-strength stable for terrible road conditions. For the design, you can always trust Panda Mech, whose fuel tankers have been sold to more than 100 countries around the globe, especially in Tanzania.

The orders from Tanzania came out of expectation. Mr. Jasen heard about our best quality and cheap price from his friend and immediately contacted us through WhatsApp. He left a message about the fuel tankers’ purchasing plan. His company needs 65 fuel tanker trailers of 45kl each for petroleum and diesel transportation.


The semi tanker is born to transport oil materials between gas stations or factories. Usually, it is composed of 2 parts–the tanker body and the supportive part.

The tanker body is made of high-strength steel, which can bear high pressure from inside and impact force from outside to ensure the safety of goods. Also, the painting is made of two-components polyurethane from Japan, this material can last for more than 7 years to protect the semi tank body from rain, dirt, and other corrosion factors.


The supportive part refers to the skeleton or semi trailer bed. Panda uses high-tensile steel to uphold the whole structure. Moreover, by zooming in details, you will find impeccable welding seams to connect different beams. This will improve the fuel tanker trailers’ ability to bear the force of torsion while in the transportation process, and then guarantee driving safety and stability.


This 3-axle fuel tank trailer can load 45kl oil and had met the Tanzania customer’s requirements. Finally, we negotiated the specification, which includes the suspension system, the axle brand, the material, etc. Quickly the deals are done and put into production. Most of the specifications can be customized, and our R&D department can offer a thorough design drawing before you place the order. For the detailed services, Panda never slacks off.


Now the 65 have been packed up and ready to be shipped to Tanzania, we hope all goes well. Thank you all for your appreciation and support of Panda Mech.