Best 42kl Fuel Tankers Are Ready Shipped to Malawi

Now another cooperation has been achieved from Malawi, thanks to all your support.

This is an old friend from Malawi who had been engaged in fuel transportation for more than 20 years. This time he preferred 40 fuel tanker trailer that can run stably on uneven roads. Fortunately, our fuel tankers have been mature in design and production, which can support his work without any concern.


42000 fuel tanker trailer for sale near me

After a detailed discussion, we recommended the 42kl fuel tank trailer. This is a 3 axles fuel tanker with 10.6 tons of dead weight. The height of the fuel tanker is 2.5m, which can pass the height limitation in transportation. Also, we can check your local policies to customize the dimensions independently.

42 kl tanker trailers for sale in Malawi

The biggest feature of this model is the “thick” design from the tanker to the trailer’s bed. To bear the pressure both from the inside and inside, the tanker uses Hardox steel materials. It is well-known for high abrasion resistance and can fight against high impact strength to protect the cargo and drive safety.

The trailer bed is made of high-strength steel and advanced welding technique. The main beam and cross beams are all thickened so that when driven in terrible road conditions, they can resist forces of torsions and shocks.


fuel tanker trailer parts

Referring to spare parts, we showed him the details–the BPW axle, the dual line brake system, the air or mechanical suspension, and even the Phillips circuit is also a world-famous brand.
Now the 40 semi tanker is on the road to the port and will spend about 50 days in Malawi. Hope these fuel tank trailers can help him earn more fortune.