70 Ton Detachable Trailer



Type: 3 axles 70 ton detachable lowbed trailer

Price Range: $23,500-36,500

Delivery: 7-28 days

Dimensions: customized

Application: to carry crawler, crane, excavator, crawler loader or other machinery


70 Ton detachable lowbed trailers are generally used to transport construction machinery and large equipment. Generally, many places are limited, especially on some bridges. The use of flatbed trailers cannot be transported, so people use detachable lowbed semi trailers for transportation.

70 Ton detachable lowbed trailer image

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70 Ton detachable lowbed trailer specifications

Dimension: 17500mm x 3000mm x 1200mm

Axle: 4 axle

Loading capacity: 70T

Tire: 15/80R 22.5

Suspension: Mechanical suspension

Kingpin: JOST brand 2.0 or 3.5inch

Tare weight: 10 T

Hydraulic cylinder: 12KW diesel engine with hydraulic station

Main beam: Height: 500mm; Width: 230mm; Side beam: 250 I-beam 10/8/10; Material: HG60 high-strength steel.

Ramp: hydraulic type

Bottom Platform: 5mm thick, checkered plate

ABS: Optional


1. Strong load-bearing capacity

Hydraulic detachable gooseneck trailer is designed for some heavy machinery, the overall design of the arched cargo compartment, the longitudinal beam is a high-strength steel structure, the overall design, to improve the loading capacity, but also to reduce its weight.

2. Lower overall center of gravity

The overall height of the car is only 1200mm, 300-400mm lower than the ordinary lowboy trailer, so that its overall center of gravity will become even lower, so that the center of gravity of the loaded goods is even lower, and the overall is more stable and safer.

3. Convenient maintenance

The bearing surface can be lifted, so that the tires of the axle can directly touch the ground or leave the ground, so that when we carry out maintenance, it can be more convenient and simple to operate.

Panda Mech

Panda Mech is a 70 ton detachable lowbed trailer manufacturer from China. We supply 70 ton detachable lowbed trailers for sale. Panda Mech manufacturers have been successful in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and South America, such as the Philippines, Tanzania, etc…


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