10 Axle Lowboy Trailer



Type: 10 axle 100/120 ton lowboy trailer

Price Range: $19,500-38,500

Delivery: 7-28 days

Dimensions: customized

Application: to carry excavator, wheel loader, or other machinery


10 Axle lowboy trailer is generally used in the transportation of wind turbines, ships, construction equipment, bridge entrances, cranes, transformers and other similar machinery and equipment. The 10 axle low bed structure is used in the 100 ton lowboy trailer, so it has an overall lower height compared to other flatbed trailers, which makes it more convenient to transport.

10 Axle lowboy trailer image

10 axle lowbed trailer

10 axle 100/120 ton lowboy transport truck trailer for sale

10 axle 100 ton lowboy trailer specifications

10 Axle lowboy trailer capacity: 100 to 120 tons

Axles: BPW, FUWA or Certificated China brand

Steering: Self Steering or hydraulic steering axles

Accessories: JOST or China brand parking leg and kingpin

Chassis: ST Quality Steel usage

Suspension: Air or Mechanical Suspension

Brakes: ABS and EBS brake system

Rims: Steel Rims

Tires: Pirelli, Bridgestone, Goodyear brand tires

Loading Ramp: Hydraulic or Pneumatic Ramp

Loading Ramp

–  It is a pneumatic or hydraulic system. Ramp movement shall be provided by the installation of a covered button onto the tail part. The width of the ramp shall be 800 or 1000 mm according to lowbed.


–  Low Loader rack is welded by a submerged welding machine from 20 mm x 150 mm (ST 52.3 A Quality) bottom and top flat steel and 10 mm ST 52.3 hub plate. It has the “I” section and also has 4 pieces


–  The top middle part of the platform shall be covered by a 3/4 mm thick metal sheet pursuant to utilization. Rubber or Hardwoods shall be installed onto the sides of the platform ( points where the pallet or wheels are) to provide maximum friction.

Brake System

–  Dual circuit brake hardware, 24” Service brake bellows fitted to axle 3 24×30” Emergency

brake fitted to axle 1 and axle 2 Load balancing distribution valve, Automatic or manual brake adjusters

– WAbco ABS, EBS brakes

100 Ton lowboy trailer feature


Superior load-bearing capacity, reasonable structure, the main frame is made of 16Mn high-strength steel, which does not produce permanent deformation; it can be reinforced according to the actual situation.


The 10 axle lowboy trailer adopts large gooseneck structure, the overall center of gravity is lower, the loading platform is stronger, the carrying platform is bigger, more suitable for the transportation of some large cargo, machinery and equipment, construction equipment. Meanwhile, it can also be designed as hydraulic and spring ramp and concave beam type, according to the actual use, we will provide you with more suitable suggestions.


The structure is constantly being improved to better match the loading and unloading requirements, and we can customize it to your needs, with an overall payload from 100 to 120 tons.


The axles, tires and other accessories are made of famous brands at home and abroad, with longer life and better quality.

Panda Mech

Panda Mech is a manufacturer of 10 axle lowboy trailer from China. We have extensive experience in 10 axle 100/120 ton lowboy trailer manufacturing. We offer a variety of 10 axle lowboy trailer for sale. We can customize it according to your needs. We have achieved success in Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia, such as Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya…

Panda Mech supply 100 ton lowbed trailer, 10 axle 120 tons lowboy trailer for sale, we can customize it according to your needs.


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