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Mohamed Mahmoud from Mauritania

post on 2022.2.22

Grace, you are professional.


Hafissou from Tanzania

post on 2022.1.18

I bought the 3 axles removable gooseneck trailer for the transport crawler loader, I’m very satisfied with it. I will be happy to recommend the 50 ton retachable gooseneck trailer to my partners.


Sheba Seakgwe from Zambia

post on 2022.12.20

A friend recommended I buy PANDA’s removable gooseneck trailer to transport the crawler. Thank you very much for Leon’s recommendation.

Beginner's Guide

Table of Contents

1. What is a detachable gooseneck(RGN) trailer?

RGN trailer is a relatively common trailer, and it is also called detachable gooseneck trailer and detachable gooseneck trailer. It is essentially a flatbed trailer, mainly used to transport heavy equipment with an oversized load, such as heavy machinery unsuitable for highway driving, backhoe excavators, other professional equipment machinery, etc.

front load gooseneck trailer

detachable gooseneck trailer

The advantage of the RGN trailer is that its gooseneck part is separated from the carrying part and becomes a ramp for heavy equipment, thus making it more convenient and easy to drive heavy equipment on the RGN trailer.


2. Detachable gooseneck trailer images

hydraulic detachable gooseneck lowboy trailer

60 ton detachable gooseneck trailer for sale

hydraulic detachable gooseneck lowboy trailer

detached trailer / removable gooseneck transport trailer


3. RGN trailer Features

3.1. Stronger load bearing capacity

Compared with a low bed trailer, detach gooseneck trailer has a lower center of gravity, the main beam is made of HG60 high strength steel, HG60 steel yield strength ≥ 620MPa, our standard low boy trailer is generally used Q345 steel, HG60 steel bearing capacity is 5 times higher than Q346 steel.

3.2. Good stability

Detach gooseneck trailer’s overall center of gravity is lower because its longitudinal beam is high and low, basically about 300-400mm lower than the typical low boy, which makes the overall more stable after loading on heavy machinery, improving the ability to load cargo.

The PANDA gooseneck detach trailer is made of a 5mm steel plate, which is more robust and durable. In contrast, many other rgn trailer manufacturers usually use 3mm or 4mm steel plates, and some suppliers use inferior steel.

front load gooseneck trailer

2 line 4 axle gooseneck lowboy trailer for sale

3.3. Long effective bearing surface

Detachable flatbed trailer eliminates the rear ladder, that is to say, it reduces the length to a certain extent, so heavy machinery can go directly from the front, so PANDA gooseneck detachable lowboy appropriately increase the carrying surface, making gooseneck detach semi trailer load better It has a longer service life.

3.4. Easy to operate

At present, the lifting of the load surface is controlled by the operating handle. The active interface is more convenient than before. PANDA for the hydraulic system has had six significant upgrades in ten years. The hydraulic system now has good stability and safety. We only need to carry out regular maintenance. Gooseneck lowboy equipment trailers can use it for 10-15 years.


4. Detachable gooseneck lowboy applications

A detachable neck gooseneck trailer was invented mainly to transport some heavy machinery. We often see heavy machinery on some construction sites, such as pile drivers, large rotary drilling rigs, large excavators, giant bulldozers, etc.

The height of these devices is relatively high, so the center is also relatively high. These devices move very slowly and can not move directly From a construction site to drive to another construction site; detach lowboy trailers invention perfectly solve these problems.

detachable lowbed trailer transport


5. Detachable lowboy trailer specifications

Dimension: 14700*3200*2500mm

Axle: 3 axle

Brake valve: WABCO

Platform height: 1200mm

Loading platform: 11500mm

Tire:12*315/80R 22.5

Climbing ladder: Mechanical

Suspension: Mechanical suspension

Main pin:90#

Landing gear: Jost

Gooseneck: Hydraulic detachable gooseneck

Electrical system: 24V, LED light

detachable neck lowboy trailer for sale drawing

detachable neck lowboy trailer for sale drawing


6. PANDA gooseneck detachable low loader trailer transport

To prevent lowboy detachable gooseneck from being corroded by seawater, we put a layer of wax on the surface of removable gooseneck lowboy trailer figure to guarantee that detachable gooseneck trailers rng will not have problems.

detachable lowbed trailer transport


7. What’s the difference between a low-panel and an RGN trailer

7.1 Gooseneck:

The RGN trailer can separate the gooseneck from the main body, while the low bed trailer cannot do so.

7.2 Loading:

RGN trailer for heavy loading machinery needs to separate the head gooseneck first, lower the ramp, and then climb the heavy machinery up the ramp, while low bed truck trailer is loaded from the rear, and it has a longer ramp and high gradient.


7.3: Descending:

The low boy trailer cannot lower it again, which means that some auxiliary equipment is needed when loading heavy equipment. The RGN trailer can load all heavy machinery because it has a lower center of gravity and is more stable.

7.4: Price:

Since the RGN trailer is more flexible and convenient to use, the requirement for material is also higher, which leads to the price of the low boy trailer being lower than the RGN trailer in the same configuration.


8. How does rgn gooseneck trailer work?

Cargo weight: first of all, when we load cargo, we must make sure that our heavy machinery weight is lower than the weight that a hydraulic rgn trailer can carry.

Cargo size: many heights of heavy machinery are very high and wide, in some places are not too easy to pass, we must consider the road before use.

Loading process: Keep the gooseneck from the tractor when you need to remove the gooseneck attached to the mechanical separation low profile semi-trailer frame. Secure the safety hooks with pins to hold the gooseneck tube and prevent the gooseneck tube from tilting forward.


9. How to disassemble the best rgn trailer

We must link the traction pins to the traction saddle before disassembly.

  1. 1. Remove the locating pins, the air tube, and the wires and other places we need to disassemble.
  2. 2. Lower the gooseneck height, put the bottom of the front end on the ground, then safely remove all the links and lower the load platform.
  3. 3. move the gooseneck with the tractor and drive it to a faraway place to prevent accidents.
  4. 4. Then it is ready to be loaded at the front.


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