What is a Cement Bulker Truck Trailer

What is a cement bulker truck?

Cement bulker as know as bulker truck, cement trailer, bulker trailer. It is mainly used to transport cement, bulk powder, fly ash and some powder materials with diameter ≤ 0.1mm.

Before cement transportation, bagged cement was mostly dusty, polluting the environment and affecting people’s health. Cement is also very easy to deteriorate, and the emergence of the bulker truck greatly improved cement transportation efficiency.

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Different cement bulker for sale & price

How to unload a cement bulker

The most crucial of cement bulker trailers is the job of the air compressor. The compressed air is transported through the pipeline to the air chamber in the sealed tank, so that the particles inside can be suspended. When the pressure inside the tank reaches a certain value, the discharge valve can be opened and the material inside can be transported through the pipeline. 

The bulker truck work method is unloading fly ash from bottom hopper tanker.

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Material of cement bulker

The common cement bulker materials are divided into carbon steel and aluminum alloy; the biggest difference is self-weight.

Under normal circumstances, when we buy an aluminum cement bulker, we will find that its weight is 30%-40% lighter than that of a carbon steel cement bulker.

Why is aluminum cement bulker so important?

The aluminum bulker truck is mainly for some limited-weight countries and regions. Due to the weight limit, each transport weight will become less, causing the project’s delay or investing more funds. In order to transport more cement each time, it became important to use Aluminum cement bulker.

Please contact us for details, and we will help you calculate how much cement you can transport each year using aluminum cement bulker to help you get more profit.

How to maintain cement bulker

  • (1) Air compressor: Cement bulker air compressor according to the manufacturer’s instructions for the bulk cement tanker truck. Be sure to add lubricant before use!
  • (2) Engine: Regularly check its lubrication and working conditions. If there is an abnormal sound, find the cause and eliminate it in time. Gear meshing and wear should be checked once a year and should not be operated at high speed.
  • (3) Air circuit: The sealing condition of the cement tanker should be checked frequently, and if there is air leakage, it should be cleared in time.
  • (4) Tank: Regularly check whether the tank leaks.
  • (5) Air chamber: always check the air chamber canvas. And fit whether the air chamber layering is compacted.


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What is a pneumatic tank trailer

A pneumatic tanker is a large body tank trailer that empties via a pump and forced air. It is primarily used to transport building materials, food products, and chemical products.

What is dry bulk transportation?

In fact, dry bulk transportation is the transportation process for dry materials. Most frequently these dry materials come in large quantities. Thereupon, the dry bulk transportation includes hauling from the place of materials’ origin, transportation, and unhaling of the materials.

What do dry bulk tankers?

The dry bulk cement tanker trailer used for transporting cement is a bulk powder transport vehicle made of a combined specially designed chassis, pneumatic piping system, tanker and discharging units. … With the use of this type of trailer, packaging and discharging costs are greatly reduced.

How do dry bulk tankers or dry shipping bulk tankers move?

Bulk cargo is commodity cargo that is transported unpackaged in large quantities. It refers to material in either liquid or granular, particulate form, as a mass of relatively small solids, such as petroleum/crude oil, grain, coal, cement, powder lime or gravel. With a spout or shovel bucket, this cargo is usually dropped or poured into a bulk carrier ship’s hold, railroad car/railway wagon, or dry bulk tankers truck/trailer/semi-trailer, dry shipping bulk tankers body. Smaller quantities (still considered “bulk”) can be boxed (or drummed) and palletized. Bulk cargo is classified as liquid or dry.

What is a dry bulk trailer?

The dry bulk trailer is manufactured in the form of a large body tank. … Later on, most dry bulk trailers are manufactured as pneumatic tankers. Therefore, these trailers are manufactured in a way that they have a single compartment that serves for loading into and unloading.

What is carried in a dry bulk cargo trailer

The dry bulk trailer is manufactured in the form of a large body tank. As a matter of fact, these trailers have numerous advantages in comparison to other trailer types. In general, the main materials that dry bulk trailers are transporting are food products, chemical products, and building materials.

Best-selling fuel tanker recommended

1. 50 Ton Cement Bulk Trailer For Sale

Loading rate >98% fully filling

Residual rate <0.3%

Delivery height >30m suitable most silo

Faster unloading >1.5ton/min

55 ton cement bulker trailer

2. 2-3 Axle 30-38 CBM Pneumatic Trailer

Transport: cement, sand, flour, and other granular materials.

Discharging speed:1.5 tons/minute

Supply Ability: 200unit/Sets per Month

40 ton pneumatic cement trailer
w type cement trailer

3. 30 Ton Bulk Cement Tanker Trailer For Sale

Panda Mech is 30-ton bulk cement tanker manufacturer from China. We supply 27 cbm bulk cement trailers for sale. 27 cubic meter cement trailer capacity 30 ton.

2 axle 30 ton cement bulker
2 axle 30 ton cement bulker

4. 85 Ton Cement Trailer For Sale

Panda Mech is an 85-ton cement trailer manufacturer from China. We supply 85 Ton cement trailers for sale. 70 cubic meter cement trailer capacity 85 tons.

85 ton cement bulker trailers for sale 6
85 ton cement bulker trailers for sale 6