LPG Tanker Trailer For Bolize

In September 2020, I opened the website as usual and received several consult. One of the customers from Belize asked about the LPG tanker trailer. We started talking with customers. After a period of communication, the customers gave us Under the order.


After the customer received the car, he sent us a photo and told us that he liked this LPG tank trailer very much. Generally speaking, it looks good in quality, very strong, and the paint and all details are well done, but he didn’t know that after a while If there are any problems with the use of time, we tell customers that we will communicate with them at any time if there are any problems.

After the customer has used it for more than a year, when we were communicating recently, the customer told us that they were very satisfied with this LPG tank trailer because the car has run close to 200,000 kilometers, but there have been no problems. The customer said that he followed our offer. The maintenance guide for regular maintenance, I believe it will definitely bring him a lot of benefits.


LPG feature:

  1. The LPG trailer is equipped with advanced welding equipment and European design and technology to ensure the quality and best performance of the tanker, which can adapt to different harsh road environments.
  2. The frame of the LPG trailer is designed with CAD system to optimize the structure to meet the requirements of different cargo, loading and unloading capacity and operating environment.
  3. The axles, tires and other accessories are selected from well-known professional manufacturers at home and abroad.
  4. Continuous improvement of the structure makes it more in line with actual loading and unloading requirements.

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