3 Axle 55 Tons Cement Bulk Tanker Shipped to Philippines

2022 is drawing to a close, Panda Mech has been busy signing the contacts and manufacturing semi trailers. Last weekend, the latest batch of cement bulker trailers is heading to the Philippines to make contributions to our friends’ businesses.

cement tanker2

According to the information, this batch of cement bulker is ordered from a new friend from the Phillipines. Talking about Panda Mech, he thinks it was word of mouth that made him place the order. These 60 cement tanker trailers are of 55 tons of loading capacity with 6 tons of tare weight. It is equipped with 3 sets of FUWA axles to support the whole running system, which considers both the bearing capacity and the easy control design.

Upgraded Tanker Design

Compared to the older version, our upgraded cement bulker applies a tanker bed with a larger angle to help speed up the unloading efficiency. Welded and assembled by line work with automatic robots, the tanker is of higher quality to serve a longer time. Same as the trailer’s structure, the cement tanker is also made of high-tensile steel. The appendix and inner tanker materials are cut by a plasma cutting machine to guarantee precision on the edge while helping to shorten the manufacturing time.

cement tanker

Full Safety Measures

To decrease the chance of accidental falls, Panda installs the safety ladder to help the operator check the unloading condition or maintain the tanker. Also, you can choose to add a linkage handrail to guarantee further safety.

The main beam is strengthened on both steel and thickness. The additional row of cross beams can increase the anti-torsion ability while driving on uneven roads.

Before shipment, the engineering department will conduct a strict brake test in case of the corner cases. The test will evaluate the braking distance as well as the tire wear to make a report for driving training and maintenance notes.

safty ladder

Responsible for Painting for Impermeability and Durability

The shot blasting painting on the cement trailer prevents rust and corrosion, which makes the tanker anti-aging and can serve our customers more years. The hardness of painting reaches to H level to effectively fight against the pressure of crush on the transportation process.

cement tanker3

Choose Panda and you will get the most economical cement bulkers.