How Much Does a Container Chassis Trailer Cost?

What is a container chassis?

Generally speaking, a container chassis is also an intermodal chassis trailer. It is a wheeled structure with a steel frame, axles, tires, brake system, and suspension system to bear heavy loads, which is mainly used to transport containers between ports, warehouses, and terminals.

Also, with the development of design, there are many accessories that can be found on a container chassis to facilitate the operation, such as air suspension, ABS, parking sensors, GPS systems, etc. You can consult the manager to get the specification sheet.

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How Much Does a Container Chassis Trailer Cost

How much does a new container chassis cost?

Chassis cost: $5,000-12,000.

How Much Does the 20 ft Container Chassis Cost?

20Ft Chassis Cost: $7,000-13,000, but the price can vary according to the specification. Nowadays many manufacturers can provide customization according to your needs, and many settings can greatly influence the final price, such as the dimension of the chassis, the number of axles, the suspension systems, and the brand of steel materials…you can ask for final the quotation from the sale manager.

How Much Does the 40′ Container Chassis Cost?

40Ft Chassis Cost: $8,000-15,000 in general. The 40 feet intermodal chassis had larger space to load containers, which can load various sizes of containers to improve transportation efficiency and save time.

How much does shipping container cost?

The cost of shipping containers usually ranges from a few dozen to a few hundred US dollars, because we ship different goods in containers each time, and the distance of the shipment is also different so each time there will be a different price as well.

How much does container cost?

Generally, you can find a brand new 20ft dry container between the range of $1,600 to $3,400. A new 40ft dry standard container will cost anywhere between $2,500 to $4,500. Whereas, a new 40ft HC container will cost you around $2,500 to $6,000

How much does the used container chassis cost?

Used 20 ft container chassis price: $2000-4000.

Used 40ft container chassis price: $3

How Much Does a Container Chassis Trailer Cost

How much does it cost to rent a container chassis?

The price of the rental container chassis is $25-50 per day.

Why use intermodal chassis to transport containers?

The container chassis’ popularity is not by chance, actually, it’s born to carry all types of containers. There are three reasons why you need an intermodal chassis:

The Firm and Durable Structure: usually the container chassis’ structure is made of high-strength steel to bear heavy loads. Also, the beams have been strengthened to hold the structure, which allows it to provide longer services.

Smooth and Easy Transportation: attached to the chassis tightly, the containers can be well-protected and can be transported quickly with less labor cost.

Higher transporting efficiency: the intermodal chassis is designed to fit in different sizes of containers, so you can load more containers in one way, which can greatly save your cost and time.

How Much Does a Container Chassis Trailer Cost

Where to Buy Container Chassis and Spare Parts?

Usually, people can find container chassis from local agencies. But the problem is, the price can be pretty spectacular–they will earn every penny from you from the materials to the maritime delivery. Here we suggest you consider the semi trailer factory from Panda Mech in China. Sent from our factory, there are no increased prices. Also, nowadays, China has mature manufacturing technology, and higher production efficiency but with lower labor costs, which will offer you the most economical container chassis in a short time. (Best 10 container chassis manufacturer)

Different from the middlemen, we provide full services and a warranty. You can find the most compatible spare parts from us and can also get technical support after sales. We are always online to help.

How Much Does a Container Chassis Trailer Cost

Container chassis specifications










Main Beam

”I” Section 500mm height Q345/T700 material


4/8 set ISO Standard


Mechanical / Air / Bogie




8/12 pieces 9.0-22.5 Steel/Aluminum


8/12 pieces 12R22.5 Bridgestone/Triangle/Linglong etc

Brake Valve



2″(50mm)/3.5″(90mm) JOST Bolting Type

How Long Is the ISO Container Chassis?

As you can see in the chart above, the 20ft container chassis can be 7500mm long, while the 40ft type is 12,500mm long. In general, the length can be customized. It can change according to the overall proportion but in a reasonable range, so can carry the different sizes of containers while also guaranteeing normal running.

How Much Does Container Chassis Weigh?

How Much Does A 20-Foot Container Chassis Weigh?

A 20ft container chassis is usually with 2 axles, and the tare weight can be 3.7 tons, which can load more than 16 tons containers in different sizes.

What Is the Weight of A 40ft Container Chassis?

Compared to the 20ft, a 40ft container chassis is usually with 3 axles, so it loads more weight. Its tare weight is usually 5.6 tons and can transport containers more than 20 tons in one way.

How Much Does a Container Chassis Trailer Cost

How Tall Is a Container Chassis?

The height of an intermodal chassis trailer is 1550mm. No matter the platform size or the load capacity, this number is usually the same. When you need to carry more cargo, we will enlarge the platform, strengthen the chassis and beams, and add more axles to improve its loading capacity instead of increasing the height.

The biggest advantage of this design is that it can pass almost all the places with no concerns of height limitation, this also makes the container chassis the most popular model in ports and warehouses.

Container Chassis Twist Lock

The twist locks on the container’s chassis are used to fix and secure the ISO containers to the chassis. Mostly there are 4 or 8 sets on one chassis and they sit on the corners of the trailer’s bed. There are two types of twist locks on the market–the retractable type and the non-retractable type. Panda uses the former type to facilitate the unloading process.

When working, the operator can twist the lock to the right or left, then retract the securing head below deck level. This will remove the obstacle on the platform and make the unloading smooth and easy. This is how Panda improves your working efficiency.

Though as a spare part, they are still made of high-tensile steel to prevent rust, torsion, and fracture. Before the shipment, Panda will fill them will grease, then you can use them as soon as you receive the container chassis.

How Much Does a Container Chassis Trailer Cost

How to secure a container to a chassis?

This is where the twist locks play their vital role.

The twist lock has a cone-shaped head that is inserted into the chassis corners. When the containers’ are down, the head can rotate 90° to lock the containers’ corners firmly. Some twist locks have levers or mechanisms in, while other types of twist locks need tools to achieve the function.

When securing the intermodal containers onto a chassis, we must ensure all the twist locks on the corners are firmly attached to the chassis first, then place the containers gently and precisely to secure safety.

How Much Does a Container Chassis Trailer Cost

How does a container chassis work?

Before use, we need to check the details to guarantee the normal function, like the grease, the twist lock, the hooks, etc.

When ready, you can haul the container chassis to the destination. Then open the twist locks and the crane overhead will put the containers on the chassis, and the twist locks will help to fix the container firmly so you don’t need to tie up the containers with rope or other tools.

Finally, the intermodal chassis trailer can carry the containers to other places quickly and easily.

How Much Does a Container Chassis Trailer Cost

Different types of container chassis

There are 3 common types of container chassis on the market. Each type has its features to facilitate the operation and fit in different sizes.

The common container chassis

The common container chassis needs no modification. With the common model, carrying containers from one place to another can be an easy job. The crane overheads must do the container loading or unloading. For the application, it can transport containers of 20ft, 40ft, or 45ft, and thanks to its cheap price and high tensile, it has become the most popular model at the port.

Tilt container chassis

Like the tipper trailer, the tilt container chassis is equipped with a hydraulic cylinder that can lift the containers to make the unloading process quicker and easier. It is more expensive than another type, but this can be the best choice considering unloading extra-heavy containers.

Gooseneck container chassis

The gooseneck container chassis can lower the total height of the chassis that will allow it to pass through some narrow places. The chassis works the same as the conventional model, but due to the height, it can load higher containers, this model is quite popular among the place where there has strict height limitation.

How Much Does a Container Chassis Trailer Cost

How to Choose the Best Container Chassis Trailer?

To be honest, everyone has his own specific needs. So how choosing the best container chassis trailer is a lesson that all we need to learn. To help select the right intermodal chassis, here we give 4 factors to consider.

Usage and requirements

To transport containers, the intermodal chassis will be the best choice. But if you need to carry special containers, you need to pay attention to whether to choose a tilt chassis, an extendable chassis trailer, or just an ordinary model. What’s more, You need to be aware of the loading and unloading space’s dimensions to guarantee the chassis won’t be too large to get in.

Axles/weight limit

Based on the cargo or container’s weight, you can choose a 2 axles container chassis or a 3 axles intermodal chassis trailer. As we all know, the greater the number of axles, the greater the load capacity. But if just for daily use, 2 or 3 axles will be sufficient to handle the work.


Before choosing a chassis, you need to know the containers’ specifications, unloading space dimensions, and even road conditions, then choose the 2 axles or 3 axles in 20ft or in 40ft. If you need a customized type, the cost will be higher than the ordinary one.

How Much Does a Container Chassis Trailer Cost

Best Container Chassis for Sale in China

The best sale of container chassis in China mainly covers two models– the 2 axles 20ft container chassis and the 3 axles 40ft intermodal chassis trailer. These two specifications can include the most transportation daily work at the port for nearly all sizes of containers.

As we have mentioned the dimensions of these two specifications, now let’s discuss their benefits of them.

Economical price

The more axles it has, the more expensive it will be. So after comprehensive discussion, the 2 or 3 axle design will be the best for both the container chassis performance and the price. Furthermore, referring to the subsequent maintenance, it can be easier to save on your cost.


Both the 2 axles 20ft and the 3 axles 40ft container chassis belong to the portable model. It means they are easy to be handled whether in an empty state or with heavy load containers and can come in and out in narrow places.


The 2 axle 20 ft intermodal chassis trailer can carry one container, while the 3 axle 40 ft can transport one 40ft or two 20ft at a time. This will cover most of the containers at the port, which is why they are popular among container operators.

How Much Does a Container Chassis Trailer Cost


Common container chassis is divided into 20ft and 40ft, 2 axles, and 3 axles. Container chassis prices are determined by configuration. Panda Mech can be customized according to your needs. Contact Us Now.