2024 Best 10 Container Chassis Manufacturers

When you search the container chassis on google, many brands and manufacturers are waiting for your order. However, not every manufacturer can provide a good-quality semi trailer, especially the container chassis trailer, which needs to carry heavy loads and requires better materials and design. So today let’s explore the 10 best container chassis manufacturers that can provide top quality to the buyers. 

2 axle 40ft container chassis trailers

best container chassis manufacturer in China

1. Panda Mech

Panda Mech is a semi trailer manufacturer located in China. It has 25 types of semi trailers, and the container chassis trailer is one of the most famous main products in Panda Mech.

With a powerful R&d team, it has been devoted to the container chassis for 20 years, and its intermodal chassis trailers have been sold around the globe. There are 5 container chassis models to meet different needs– the standard container chassis, the gooseneck container chassis, the container side loader, the bomb cart, and the container tipper trailer. 

container chassis trailer

container chassis trailer manufacturer from China

The biggest advantage of this brand is its super-long durability. The high-tensile steel, the strengthened beams, the world-famous axles, and suspension systems all help to longer the trailer’s longevity. The specification here is also versatile. From 20ft to 45ft, you can transport different size containers with high efficiency. Also, you can choose the 2 axles or 3 axles according to your budget and demand. Usually, the semi trailers in Panda Mech can be customized and the container chassis is no exception. The good thing is Panda has a fullservice team, so you are always welcome to consult any info at any time.

container chassis panda mech

gooseneck skeletal trailer manufacturer from China

2. Container King

As you can see in the brand name, the container chassis models here are abundant. 

The specification is the 20 foot and 40 foot container chassis as well, but it can also provide tank container chassis, extendable length, combination chassis, and more. There are also many models for special needs like the chassis for natural gas, chassis for natural gas, chassis for containerized gensets…

For spare parts, the Container King also provides various brands and various materials to meet different needs, so you can customize your container chassis trailer to the utmost extent.

container king

3. CIE Manufacturing

CIE Manufacturing is a USA brand with offices in Canada and Vatican, which is convenient for the buyers in these two places. It is not only a supplier of intermodal chassis trailers but also a manufacturer of all specifications of containers, which provides more services for the buyers.

The container chassis also had two specifications: 20ft and 40ft with 2 or 3 axles. All of its container chassis meet TOFC, AAR, DOT, FMVSS, ISO, ANSI, SAE, and TTMA specifications, and the trailers are available in reverse spec. 

The biggest feature of it is the tandem or even tridem axles. This offers a solid basis for stable driving and a high level of load capacity.


4. Pratty Industrial

Pratty’s container chassis mainly includes 2 types, the ordinary container chassis, and the tank chassis. This brand is built on designing and producing the lightest and more durable container chassis in the industry. They can haul the containers from 8′ to 53′ at most. The tank chassis includes a tandem axle, tri axle, spread axles, and closed tandem designs to offer more choices for you.


5. Cheetech Chassis

Cheetech is a new company located in Berwick, Pennsylvania. Since its establishment, it had become the most popular container chassis supplier in the USA. It mainly specialized in ordinary models. On the page, you will find endless container chassis in two specifications: 20ft with 2 axles or 40ft with 3 axles.

The same as other brands, its intermodal chassis are all made of fabricated steel, and the wide flange “I” beam can support high stress and load. It can load one or two containers at a time with high working efficiency,

Also, Cheetech is a supplier of gooseneck container chassis trailers, you can contact the manager to find the suitable type according to your needs.


6. Bull Chassis

Bull chassis is famous for the “fewer but better”. There are four models in total, including the 20ft tri axle container chassis, the 40ft gooseneck container chassis, the 20ft-40ft container chassis, and the 20-40ft extendable container chassis with 12 pins. The trailers’ spare parts are in famous brand, which has good quality and is a better choice for those buyers who know exactly what they need. But for those who need purchasing plan or advice, the bull chassis is a slight bit off more than one can chew.

bull chassis

7. Hercules Chassis

Hercules Chassis is a New Jersey-based company to manufacture intermodal chassis trailers in the Hercules plant in Hillsborough and distributes them around the globe. The biggest feature of this brand is it’s good at making heavy-duty container chassis of 45 ft or 53 feet.

The chassis frame and main fabricated parts are of high strength low alloy steel ASTM A572 Grade 50, which provides a firm basis for the heavy-duty job at the port. In Hercules, you can also customize your semi trailer with these spare parts available: the PSI tire inflation system, the air ride, the lift axles, the choice of color, and the anti-theft device.

hercules chassis

8. DUHL 

DUHL is a large provider of marine and domestic container chassis to the U.S. intermodal industry. It offers container chassis from 20′ 2 axles to 45′ tridem axles. Also, it has many variant models like the lightweight gooseneck chassis, the combo tandem chassis, and extendable chassis. These chassis trailers are available in several pools across the USA with a long-term lease. The steel construction is of high-strength GR50 steel and is firm to bear heavy loads and pressure.

intermodal chassis trailer

9. Stoughon Trailers

Stoughton Trailers is one of the biggest container chassis trailers manufacturers in the USA and Canada, and its standard container chassis is the 2 axles 20 ft semi trailer and can handle intermodal chassis of 53′ hi-cube containers.

The signature design of the container chassis trailers is the box-beam gooseneck design to allow special placement for added strength. Also, the trailers are equipped with dual web combined with torsion-resistant cross member and strap to form a solid transition area.

stoughton chassis

10. Max Atlas

In Max Atlas you will find several uncommon container chassis models like the LCV, drop frame, B-train, tilt chassis…and each model has a long list of specific kinds, covering 20ft to 53′ overall. So if you need special kinds or customized models, this brand may give you a helping hand.

max atlas2