4 Axle Cement Tanker Trailer Shipping to Africa

The customer ordered a cement powder tanker semi-trailer from PANDA – 60 tons with 4 axles, equipped with an engine and an air compressor, which is PANDA’s signature product.

4 axle cement tanker trailer shipping to africa2

PANDA has very rich experience in the production of cement powder tank semi-trailers, therefore, we have a detailed understanding of the customer’s needs and desired styles before confirming the order, and based on our production and service experience, we have given customers some practical suggestions.

4 axle cement tanker trailer shipping to africa3

Ultimately, the client expressed recognition of our expertise and adopted our advice.

After one month of production, we produced the powder can for the customer he ordered. After inspection, customers are very satisfied.

4 axle cement tanker trailer shipping to africa1

This is not the end. When the product arrives at the final use site and is put into use, Panda also contacts the local staff and tracks the use of the product or provides advice when the other party needs it.