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What is a Dump Trailer & How To Use Dumping Trailer?

What is a dump trailer

A dump trailer is a big trailer that usually lifts when dumping its hall in a chosen location. It is similar to the dump truck trailer and is used synonymously to mean the same thing.

Dump trailers will help you to carry and offload bulk goods in a very easy and efficient manner.

With dump trailers, they are applicable in the construction, agriculture, and recycling industries among many other areas. They come in different shapes and types.

There are two types of dump trailers namely: Rear dump trailer, side dump trailer.

45cbm 4axle tipper trailer

45cbm 4axle dump trailer

What is a dump semi-trailer

Dump semi-trailers is also called dumper semi-trailers, dumping semi-trailers. Dumping semi-trailers are suitable for the transportation of bulk goods such as coal, ore, earthwork, building materials, and so on. As a professional trailer manufacturer, we provided 25-45cbm, 2-6 axles tipping semi-trailers.

What is a dump trailer

Dump semi trailer is equipped with an automatic dumping device, also known as a dumper or engineering vehicle. Dump trailers is composed of chassis, hydraulic lifting system, power-take-off, and dumping box. Usually dumping trailers work with excavators, loaders, belt conveyors, etc. to form a loading, transporting, and unloading line for the transportation of earthwork, sand, and loose materials.

Because the dumping box can automatically tilt at a certain angle to discharge, it greatly saves unloading time and labor, shortens the transportation cycle, improves work efficiency, and reduces transportation costs. It is quite commonly used.

45cbm 3 block tipper trailer

45cbm 3 block tipper trailer

What is a dump trailer used for?

Tipping semi-trailers are suitable for bulk transportation of goods such as coal, ore, and building materials.

Dumping semi-trailers can be divided into two categories according to their usage: one is heavy-duty and super heavy-duty for off-road transportation. They are mainly used for large-scale mining and engineering transportation tasks, and are usually used together with excavators; the other is light and medium-sized ordinary for road transportation, transporting loose goods such as sand, soil, coal, etc. It is usually used with a loader.

How to use a dump trailer

1. The dumping box can be rear dumpers or side dumpers. It can effectively improve transport efficiency.

2. The chassis and beam of the tipping box are made of high-quality manganese steel plates. The shapes of the box can be U shape and rectangular shape. Our dumping trailers with the following advantages: high strength, strong lifting force, good rigidity and toughness, strong bearing capacity, and no permanent deformation.

3. Excellent producing technology: the main parts are produced by advanced equipment, the longitudinal beams are welded by a fully automatic submerged arc welding machine, and the wheels, axles, and leaf springs are assembled accurately.


The structure of the engine, chassis, and cab is the same as that of general trucks. The dumping box can be tilted backward or sideways. Rear dumpers are more common. Push the piston rod to tilt the box. A few two-way tips. The high-pressure oil enters the lifting hydraulic cylinder through the distribution valve and hydraulic hose. And there is a safety protection plate at the front end of the cabin.

The hydraulic tilting system is composed of an oil tank, hydraulic pump, distribution valve, lifting hydraulic cylinder, controlling valve, and hydraulic hoses. The engine drives the hydraulic pump through the transmission and the power take-off device. By controlling the movement of the piston rod through the controlling system, the tipping box can be stopped at any position. The dumping box uses its own gravity and hydraulic to return back.

tipper semi trailer
dump semi-trailer

The main technical parameter of dumping trailer is the payload, and showing the loading volume. The new trailer or the overhauled trailer must be put into trial operation, ensuring that the lifting process is stable. The lubricant oil should be correctly selected according to the regulations and pay attention to the lubrication cycle, and maintain the lifting mechanism strictly on schedule. Overload is strictly prohibited. Tipping trailers can save unloading time and labor costs.

Panda Mech dump semi-trailers are outstanding due to their excellent driving and tipping characteristics. The dumper semi-trailer drives safely on the road thanks to a low overall center of gravity and a stiff and torsion-resistant rigid frame structure.


  • 1. Best driving characteristics through a low center of gravity and innovative running gear
  • 2. Payload-optimised through low tare weight
  • 3. High working speeds through high-performance hydraulics
  • 4. Long service life through low-wear MEILLER tipper bodies
  • 5. Available in an angular or round tipper body shape
  • 6. Robust and payload-optimized.
  • 7. Particularly suitable for short routes and frequentdumping.
  • 8. Designed for abrasive bulk material such as gravel, rocks, concrete rubble, and aggregates.
  • 9. Optimised force transmission on the new chassis frame minimizes crack formation.
  • 10. Tailored blanks: reinforced tipper body floor in the rear third, as the abrasive wear is higher here.

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