2 Axles 40Ft Flatbed Trailer Shipping to Asia

One of my clients placed an order for a 2units flatbed trailer in 2017.

2 axle flatbed semi trailer 2

The client needs two axles 40ft flatbed trailer with a 1600mm front board. The process of communication with the customer involves how to transport the flatbed to save part of the freight. On this issue, we also give a satisfactory solution to the client.

2 axle flatbed semi trailer 1

After 35days of production time, the flatbed trailers were finished. Our client was also delighted with the campers we made.

After the client finished inspecting the trailers, we put the flatbed trailers into a container and transported them to the customer’s country.

2 axle 40ft flatbed trailer1

After the trailers arrived, the client was delighted with our campers and said he would come to us again if he had a purchase plan in the future.