Front Load Gooseneck Trailer will be sent to Nigeria

Nigerian customer bought 4 sets of 2 line 4 axle 80 tons front load gooseneck trailer, the customer likes our front load gooseneck trailer very much and help the customer to solve the very difficult transportation problem in the first cooperation. The customer now mainly transports large equipment such as excavators. Very much hope we recommend a suitable front load gooseneck trailer for him.

front load gooseneck trailer

font load gooseneck lowboy trailer for sale Nigeria

Front load gooseneck trailer features

  1. The main plane of the frame and the loading platform are low, which ensures the stability of transportation and is suitable for carrying all kinds of construction machinery, large equipment, and steel.
  2. 2. Other accessories of front load gooseneck trailer include tool box, spare tire carrier, etc. There are also some small accessories such as tight rope, rope hook, etc., which are very practical accessories, you need to choose according to your product type.
  3. 3. Front load gooseneck trailer protection device consists of side protection and rear protection to protect pedestrians and other vehicles.
  4. 4. Front load gooseneck trailer electrical system consists of a seven-core socket, cable, gas circuit, various lamps, and lanterns, etc., used for lighting, safety warning, braking air supply .
  5. 5. The support device is mainly used to support the low bed semi-trailer when separating, consisting of legs and connecting brackets.
front load gooseneck trailer

Front Load Gooseneck Trailer will be sent to Nigeria

front load gooseneck trailer

Front Load Gooseneck Trailer for sale near me

Front load gooseneck trailer maintenance.

1、Before the first use, it should be checked according to the “Instruction Manual” and tightened with all external bolts and nuts.

2、For the first 300km, its parts are in running condition. During this period, the weight of the trailer shall not exceed 80% of the rated capacity and shall not be driven on muddy roads.

3、After driving 30-50 km, check whether the wheels and suspension bearings are hot or noisy. If abnormalities are found, promptly identify the cause and eliminate it.

4、After driving 300-500 km, all bolts and nuts should be retightened.