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Container Chassis To Philippines

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This company we mention today is the Philippines in top of trucking service. Part of the customer’s business involves cold chain, ISO tanker transportation, and heavy/project trucking.

container chassis to Philippines
40Ft Container Chassis

The first time we contacted was in 2016, until now still one of my most important customers. From 5 years of cooperation,i learned a lot. Although the first cooperation has episodes, it is helpful for my career and life.

We are able to cooperate with this company, start our team helped me visit this company in January 2017. Learned the total height of the freezer + skeleton trailer would be extremely higher than the Philippines height limit. We even saw the freezer container damaged in the yard.

Based on that, we gave the proposal directly- gooseneck-type skeleton will lower the height. It was not common in the Philippine market at that time, customers also very interested. In April of the same year, we discuss the specification and prices in the customer’s office. After back to China, we sent an invitation letter to invite customers to visit our factory in May for further quality evaluation. In June, we received deposits from customers, FOB Terms.

container chassis to Philippines
gooseneck skeletal trailer
container chassis to Philippines
container chassis to Philippines

Taking into account the Gooseneck type chassis trailer unloading needs assistance, we fly to assist according to the time when the trailers arrive at the customer’s site; however, there are still scratches during the unloading process. For the first cooperation, it is undoubtedly a bad start. Fortunately, we are on-site and we also brought some paint to remedy. Because customers saw our solution to solve the problem, they have a deeper understanding of our company, and the second batch was placed in September. After that, the cooperation goes smoothly. We will also inspect our trailer regularly, depending on whether there can be better improvements in the course of use.

container chassis to Philippines
container chassis to Philippines
container chassis to Philippines

Through the first cooperation, I also made a deep reflection. we can’t think about saving money for customers one-sidedly. We can not make decisions for customers. No matter which step, we must anticipate the worst result and communicate it to the customer. Plan A and Plan B are provided for customers to do according to their own team and make decisions.

We hope the COVID-19 will end soon, we could provide more services for our customers. All the people, please take care.

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