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3 Axle Gooseneck Container Chassis Shipping to Asia

This customer was introduced through our previous customer introduction. Because of the new project, some new gooseneck skeleton trailers need to be purchased. He happened to see our semi-trailer at his friend’s place, so he asked his friend for a phone number to find us.

3 axle gooseneck container chassis shipping to asia1

When he saw Panda’s semi-trailer, the customer told us that he felt that the body was powerful and the paint surface was very smooth, so he asked his friend for our contact information.

We are also thrilled to be recognized by our customers. Then we learned the customer’s specific requirements through communication and sent him our configuration. After receiving it, the customer was delighted and said that he would place an order as soon as possible.

20ft ISO Tank Gooseneck Trailer

Three days later, we received the customer’s order and deposit. And production started soon. The customer received the skeleton car four months later and was very happy.

He said, “the quality of the panda is outstanding. I like it very much.” and sent us feedback.

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